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  1. Devin from Oregon. I currently use a Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder (no slope). 7 handicap, I play in a competitive league every week on a championship course and travel to courses throughout Oregon on the weekends.
  2. 1. Devin. Eugene, OR 2. 8.8 Handicap 3. (Left-Handed): RTX-3: 60/56/51 CBX Irons 4-PW HB Driver/3-wood Would prefer a driving iron similar to the Titleist T-MB, but I'd go with the 18* hybrid if a similar iron isn't available. Wow, what a dream... Thanks MGS! -Devin
  3. - Devin Wright, Oregon - Head: TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2, 19*. Shaft: Rocketfuel 65g stiff flex - Standard shaft length - Hybrid Game Strengths: Given a decent lie I can control yardage well and hit very consistent trajectory. Weaknesses: I can pretty much only hit a 5-10yd fade and struggle a bit in medium to high rough ....I've actually been considering a move to a 3 iron because my 4 iron is my most controllable iron in the bag, no matter the lie.
  4. 1. Devin - Oregon 2. HCI 10.7 (on a high trend, 7.8 in May) 3. Left Handed Cobra F6 +2 (though I have been testing others lately) 4. JPX 900 Forged LH (If possible: Dynamic Gold Steel 105-115 or similar shaft) I'm very analytical about my game. My current issues with the F6 include: limited shot shape flexibility in comparison to player's iron--drastic moves required to get draw/fade shape and flight is difficult to get down in the wind. The variance in weighting is becoming a nuisance (I wish the 4-5 were lighter, PW a little heavier) because it changes how every club releases through the swing. The weighting also seems to hold back my clubhead speed when I need to really blast out of thick rough or crush a delofted 4i underneath the trees for a 2nd shot on a par 5. Although ball striking and downward compression is very easy with the F6's, it seems the irons are meant for a player who doesn't know how to do this very well. (This is a very short version of what I would note in my testing if I had to provide a review of F6). Anyway, I'd love to test the JPX 900 on the course. I've briefly hit the series at the range alongside the v6 and P770 and thought they were a possibility--but I've become increasingly frustrated with testing/buying processes because I want to know how clubs handle on course conditions. I'm probably a little more like Phil in that way--imagination is key and if the club limits my imagination then that's no good!
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