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  2. Maybe get rid of the crabby old man marshall and get someone who has a clue what they are doing. What really gets me is when the group I'm in is walking and the group in front and behind us are in carts. Of course they are going to be faster. I laugh when ranger rick tells us to hurry up. What does he expect us to do, run between shots?
  3. Not with those tires you won't. Those tires will do some crazy damage. At least at the course I work at.
  4. I just don't get the idea of marshaling (I do but for arguments sake). If someone is struggling and you tell them to hurry up it's not like the person is going to instantly become Dustin Johnson. I can't imagine a person is trying to be bad and slow play down. I see this a lot on public courses especially. A ranger comes up, tells a group to speed up, and then the next thing we know the people are so nervous they're playing worse than when they were told to hurry up. I just don't understand what a person is supposed to do, be so guilt ridden that they are playing slow that they should pick up and walk off the course.
  5. I'm not a fan of football but I love when the season starts especially when the packers and Vikings start at different times. That means the course will be EMPTY!! The Vikings had the Monday night game and I got 18 done in 2:26! God bless football
  6. You had me until I saw the face slots. I've had 2 warranty replacement sets because the face slots fell out. My last set lasted 3 months then one fell out.
  7. I hate my handicap. Im an 8.5 but I feel Im closer to a 10-11. The country club I work at is rated/sloped pretty high. After work, I usually go play a quick 9. I score around 40 +/- 1-2 strokes each time. The combined scoring gives me a better-combined round then I think I am capable of. I usually play the back 9 because the holes are opposite direction of the setting sun. It is easier than the front so I can shoot say a 39. When I enter it, my combined score is a 78. There is no way in hell I can shoot a 39 on the front; more water, trickier shots etc... With the current system, it goes down as a 78 and my handicap goes down as well. The answer would be to not report every score but Im pretty sure Id get shot if I didnt. The members are adamant about reporting scores.
  8. And most importantly, dont twist the divot but rather pull up
  9. When I asked the pro at the course where I work who was winning he replied "some guy, Ollie sh!t-his-pants" That brought me to tears.
  10. Who cares. I'm getting tired hearing about this already. 99% of the country can't even see it. It's funny to me what is considered news.
  11. Personally, I always thought it was too much. Slim down the product line. Not to compare the Titleist model but it works. Fewer options, tell people what they want, dont make them guess. Tour Bx, B XS, RX, RXS........ its too much. KISS. I was getting a kick out of a kid at the PGATSS trying to explain to a customer the difference between the 330 balls. He had no clue, looked like a moron, and the customer went right over and bought ProV1s. The customer literally said, "I'll stick with my V1s, I know what they do." They could have been the completely wrong ball for him but the lack of knowledge and multiple offerings lost the store a sale.
  12. I got mine on ebay for $20. Ive used it a few times and it really helps me understand the left wrist position on the down swing better
  13. Get a groove tool and sharpen them up! But yes, best wedges I've ever hit. Ive had mine for years. I was talked into a custom fit set of other wedges but switched back to my 2.0s
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