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  1. they look like Asian trucks okay compared to shell fuel stealing
  2. give you a driver with the courses logo on it in mexico; to find, tries to, worse looking at famous for its mother ask 1725-35 Wilson still duds with the finalized tite pants quote 1901 classic line, line pants because of a fat moms face etc during ineret non velocity windshear tagging, eventual putting or line more or less looking at the next took
  3. eight iron then ruins why the set feels short for example, decade to arrive for house systems confused location source or otherwise walked
  4. ever try telling them how difficult an art engineering design school is looking at the real well thanks for being older instead of that great at why they don't want canda to mexico again ever again sunshine
  5. well the real non professional approach to eating doodles with a glove, look like a unibrow compared to really being a muddle with earl weaver ink pot etc thanks crappy hockey skating, worse than tvs favorite check for not enough high scores in baseball, etc. cant believe that he said no to those daughters ask some kids that didn't get thrown from americans new moment about act like that instead of them, they never passed s***, whose I will never understand lady
  6. the five iron I had is not my six thanks for shortening the set yet again thanks why
  7. looking to signup for the dumb contest put a hybrid in my taylor mb 2 iron, is too lite weight looks great but I hated the dentist minus the loss see you when they extend twilight next fall max. watch them complain to steal the iron the same as the four iron at the store, now my clubs are all an inch shorter again without changing or showing them why these will never sell, again. have a bunch of taylor made 16/19 older I picked up instead of vector lift or whatever was a beeno beverage, etc. the broken Dunlop black max 2002 shaft works better in the aforementioned 2 iron in non matched font sets from Wilson. looking to buy brand new bullet grind instead of heavier or longer shafts in other either half under one and half over standard non order dynamics from crappy copy hits thanks kids, don't play pastime. all my hits were ruined by the tv ads voice and the camera angle no matter how you hit the ball, why, I will never no. the meat of Europe is better left in whatever, they will never actually be legally leased or allowed to behave, in or with. in reference to taste of meal or drink, sweat rashes, the set I had seen again sold new in the store are a womens set from 1997, no graphite head for cobra long tom discussion
  8. if they are eating gary players friend too why ask about the body is diseased when mister hamburger

  9. end up in the water or something pretty dead *110* arguments sake with the hair club for women
  10. sorry about why that was a good taylormade burner previous years compared to the rust day prom
  11. adams forty two in older scratched taylor made callaway clubs, week left push for his judge midsize back, too small or short at least the other judge lacks looks trying to find the titleist 975f 12.5 for the kiss the desert away shaft for less fancy or blush deer bunch of crap for the seven five landing is good looking but not what I wanted thanks sure make fun of what day the sun is at per day thanks someone or something, aint no crazy town robber
  12. dave - new jersey im putting the shaft since im not getting any of the lower hits from brand or step flex into a Wilson staff clover font two iron. gel well frozen sacrelige tiff to putt that in the top flite seventy five no matter what stickers and thanks for that back, along with all the problems including ahs some dumb screw now in my other taylormade burner when I left that at home from some reason compare to how frigging short the the club is. Dunlop Black regular break that needs to be aluminum foil stiffened instead of shaft butting or whatever with the lead glue compared to welders pool that don't work great but I hit the stick six or seven times before the head flew off for leis or whatever. good luck with the dumb sticker lasts longer thanks is shorter than the average midget consult yesterdays loft and size ever. need nib tom watson at finish line for less fancy lion thanks tom
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