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  1. Chad Farmingdale NY Walk 95% of the time. Bagboy EZ-Walk
  2. Howdy! Looking forward to my fitting next week for the new T-Series irons. Currently gaming 7-9 AP2 and 5-6 AP3 and a 4 in the TMB. Titleist usually gives their fitters a sheet with blend suggestions (and even loft adjustments recommendations). Has anyone seen this sheet yet? Has anyone been fitted for a blended set? If so, what is your setup? Thanks!
  3. Chad Wyman Farmingdale, NY Under Armor Rain Suit played in 35* rain/sleet at Bethpage in March one year. Was blowing 20mph...and was walking. Starting getting bad at the turn, and was only one on the course. So...just okayed my way in. Miserable...but golf none the less.
  4. Your first name - Chad Your home state - NY Your current driver/shaft - Titleist 915D2/BlueBoard 60 Stiff Fit for driver - yes or no - Yes
  5. Chad Farmingdale, NY 7.3 3 TMB, 5-6 AP3 AMT S300 7-9 AP2 KBS Tour 45*, 48*, 52*, 58* Vokey I500
  6. Your first name/home state Your current wedges (OEM/lofts) Your desired set/lofts Chad - New York (Farmingdale...play a lot at Bethpage) Current - SM7 45*, SM6 48*, 52*, 58* Desired - 45*, 50*, 54*, 58*
  7. 1. First name - Chad 2. Home state/province and country - Farmingdale, NY 3. Current handicap - 7.7 4. Current shot/stat tracking method - if any - NONE
  8. - Your first name and home state/province Chad - Farmingdale NY - What do you use currently to measure distance? Bushnell v.3 (No slope)
  9. Chad Wyman Farmingdale, NY I'm an 8 Handicap, but tend to go through a round making most swings like a 4, but a few like a 20. Need to get rid of my handful of MAJOR mistakes. Most of the time my bug miss os weak and right. Trackman says it's a path + clubface issue. Too much into out on both. Would love the opportunity to spend some time fixing that. Thanks!
  10. Chad Farmingdale, NewYork Titleist AP1, KBS Tour R Custom fit = Yes 7-iron carry distance = 162yds
  11. Chad Wyman Farmingdale NY Titleist 816H1 Blue board 60gram Stiff Custom Fit = yes, by certified Titlesit fitter. Trouble controlling ball flight (high/low) with current setup.
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