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  1. I "preordered" a custom M3 last Sunday. To the extent of my knowledge, I thought that the M3 releases and ships on the 16th. However, I received an e-mail today saying that it shipped today, and will arrive to me on the 12th. Is something wrong with this scenario, or is Taylormade shipping preorders early??
  2. I played my final WJGA Tournament last monday at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle. I was 12 over on the first 9, and even on the back. I feel like I need to improve my warm up so that I don't always go so high on the first couple of holes.

    1. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      We call that a "Wurzberger" after my friend Josh - horrible 9 followed up by a brilliant 9, or vice versa.


  3. Alex Marshall- Seattle, WA. Aeroburner 3 Hybrid, Matrix Speed RUL-Z 70 shaft, 19 degrees of loft. It is not custom fit. I feel like my hybrid game has always been strong. I can really bomb it when I need to, but with the ability to pound it, I can loose control often. My main miss with my hybrid is to the left.
  4. Played Blue Heron yesterday, shot a 75. I was really happy with my tee shots (especially 3-wood), but going 6 over in the first five holes didn't help. I went -2 on the back nine though, so I was happy overall.

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