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  1. Phill/Dawsonville GA/US Odyssey Rossie Piper C - It will fit my Straight stroke path and reminds me of my Rossie.
  2. First Name / State of Residence - Phill in Georgia Handicap - 18 Current Hybrid in Play - Ping G410 22* What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - Easy to hit and launch.
  3. How are the Microsuede's holding up for you? I am about to regrip and am leaning towards the Microsuede's.
  4. I prefer (and own) cart bags that prevent bag chatter. Currently I use a Bennington Quiet Organizer 14, which has molded slots to fit the club head and eliminate movement. Prior to that I have used the Ogio Chamber & Silencer models. The Ogio models actually grip the butt of the grip to keep it from moving. The reason I don't use the Ogio's any more is that I have the Arcos sensors on my clubs and the Ogio system doesn't function correctly with them on the grips. I recommend either for those that don't like chatter or the marks left from the heads banging into each other.
  5. Has anyone experimented with changing the weights on the Ping G400 fairway woods? I am looking to enhance the flight characteristics. I can get a nice flight when hitting off a tee but not so much off the deck. Please share your results/advice.
  6. I tried these out at the PGA Superstore. I found them to be very harsh feeling and unlike the the claims hard to launch. I will admit that they are VERY straight and hard to maneuver compared to my Rogue pros. A guy in my regular foursome got a set - a ping die hard - and I am seeing him hit low bullets which he never did with his G410s.
  7. First Name/State or Country of residence - Phill/Georgia Handicap - 20.2 Current irons in Play - Callaway Rogue Pro The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 145 -150 yards
  8. Add me to the tester list for the MCC Plus 4 ALIGN!
  9. Phill - Georgia 22 - 90MPH Callaway Epic 9* Regular G410 Plus
  10. Tier 1: P. Casey Tier 2: L. Oosthuizen Tier 3: Z. Johnson Tier 4: M. Kaymer Tier 5: D. Frittelli Winning Score: -18 Low AM: +12
  11. Phill - Georgia D - Callaway Epic 3w - Callaway Epic 7w - Callaway Epic 4h - Callaway Epic 5-PW - Callaway Rogue Pro AW, LW - Callaway Steelhead XR SW - Callaway PM Grind P (this week LOL) - Ping Craz-e-r 22 handicap 2018 Goals - Longer drives, get down to a 14 handicap
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