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  1. For whoever wins, congrats & enjoy your net. Gary, Bethalto, Illinois Have i Ever Used a Hitting Net? Not 1 of this size. A couple of times i hit into a huge net @ a range Do you use any sort of LM with one. I wish, folks tell me they aren't for Left Handers. probably the less expensive ones that i could afford anyway. Thanks MGS for the opportunity!
  2. What I find funny, is that @ some point these cry babies were the very ones who were slower than better players with a fast pace of play !! I'm not a low handicapper, but if a group plays up our backside I the 1st to suggest we let them play through. Never fails someone in our group will say; "They need to play a more challenging course or set of tees to match others pace." It's hard to argue when your buddies have a decent point.. Letting someone play through slow down our round than it does speed up theirs. Just my 2 cents worth
  3. Sure hope you'll let a Ol'Lefty test a set of these irons ! Your first name; Ol'Pal Gary Your home state/province/country; Bethalto, Illinois , U.S.A. Your handicap; 24 Your current irons set/shaft; TM RSI 1 Your PING choice; i210 probably for my comeback or i500 either 1 that they have in a Reg. flex Left Handed Thanks for your Consideration & all you guys do fur us Duffers !! Gary
  4. Hi Guys Gary from Illinois Taylormade RSI irons & M2 woods Senior Golfer who Loves to Scramble Handicap approx. 26 now would enjoy & appreciate testing either or both of these clubs. They would fit in my Cleveland Cart bag. They probably don't want a Old Left Hander Happy to see Cleveland come back with some useful clubs
  5. Have you checked to see what the Swing-Weight of your re-shafted irons are ???? I would think if they are C8 to D4 , you're just fine !! Swing-Weight is grossly mis-understood, the idea is to make all your irons feel & thus swing to feel. I think it was Sam Snead, he could tell when 1 of his clubs was just 1 swing weight out of sync with the rest of his set.. There were & are many golfers who can tell [feel] the difference !!
  6. ​I guess if you want a 70 yr old Left Handed Senior to put hopefully a 12* LH Driver, i'd sure like to oblige !! ​Ol'Pal Gary in Bethalto ILL Current Cobra = F-6 & Taylormade R-15 R Flex shaft Swing Speed 84 mph 235 - 255 yards Handicap = approx. 23 Getting back into regularly playing golf [includes Scrambles] after some serious health problems.. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Gary from Illinois {St. Louis area} Callaway Big Bertha irons Callaway MD3 wedge Callaway Fusion 10.5* Driver & 3 Wood 19 Want to break Par & Lower HCP to 15 Am a Senior & a Lefty ; going on 70 yrs old Thanks, Guys [for the opportunity] ps; also play Cobra F6 Max
  8. I like Titilist NXT over Pro V1 I'v also been using E-6 & Callaway Soft I'd like to try Vice & Snell next
  9. Hi i'm Gary; from Illinois [central] in the U.S.A. I'm using a older White Hot putter now & would Love to test either of the putters, as long as it's a Left Hander. I play in a weekly senior Scramble & either of these would be the center of attraction. Hoping you'll give this Ol'Lefty some consideration as your tester. Thanks, Gary
  10. Welcome to the forums 17Platinum :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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