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  1. I think that all of the speed training that I have done over the past 30 or so years (since I started competing in long drive competitions) has permanently wrecked any kind of a decent swing tempo and rhythm that I had. What I definitely know is that my USGA Handicap Index is almost exactly a full 10 strokes higher today than it was from 1991 through at least 1996.
  2. Yes, I know about playing July and August golf in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. I have done it (and several times walked the courses) more times than I can count on both hands and feet. I have family members (younger brothers) in both the Tucson area and in Las Vegas, and a couple of good friends in Phoenix.
  3. The only time that I had a "kid" as my caddie is when I played at my boss' private club, Huntingdon Valley C.C., and his son, at the time a college student, caddied for me. He was a great caddie, and knew the course extremely well, having played it hundreds of times, at a minimum. He was also a multiple Junior Club Champion, so he knew the course well.
  4. Sam, I understand the need to avoid heat stroke, and I have been close a few times. My solution is to drink a lot of Biolyte “IV in a bottle”, before going to the course, at the course before teeing off and during my round (I carry two pre-frozen bottles or thermoses full in my carry bag, even though it adds a couple of extra pounds to my load). Last week, on my winter golf tour, we played one of those courses with lots of steep inclines and long distances between holes, yet more than 85% of the 116 player field still walked, and we have a good percentage on the tour who are age 60 or above (oldest is age 94 or just turned 95 — he rode in a motorized cart). It did make for a long round for everyone and some really tired golfers (including me!) at the end of the round, but we walked. BTW, I am not a total “martyr for the cause” when it comes to walking the course. I am actually not playing on that winter tour tomorrow because it has been raining heavily since last night and temperatures are supposed to plummet overnight tonight. Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for temperatures in the 30s with wind chills in the low 20s. The course is right on the Atlantic Ocean, and it is quite spread out (but pretty flat, being on the ocean). However, weather forecasts are not my main reason for skipping this event. I have a CT Scan scheduled for tomorrow, and tried to get it rescheduled but couldn’t get a new appointment until the second week of January, and my appointment with the doctor who ordered that test is in mid December. I was actually somewhat relieved when I was told that no appointments were available for me to reschedule that test.
  5. I know that I will probably get some flack for this, but I think that the only golfers who should ever ride in power carts are those who are disabled, have a serious (and I don’t mean “fake serious”) disability or are recovering from an injury or surgery that leaves the golfer temporarily limited in mobility. I am nearly 74 years old, and other than the two occasions when I was recovering from surgeries and severe mobility issues, I always walk and either carry my bag or use a non-powered push cart, regardless of how hot (up to at least 105* F) or cold (down to well below freezing). I know and play golf with guys as old as mid-late 80s who do the same. After all, golf is known as “a good walk spoiled”.
  6. BTW, I voted “yes”, because my 5 and 6 irons are bent weaker than standard to give me consistent yardage gaps (176-180 for the 5 iron, and 162-165 for the 6 iron, to about 149-150 yards for my 7 iron — all based on warm weather playing conditions). The reason for bending those two irons between 2* and 2.5* weaker is because I play Exotics E721 “players distance” 5 and 6 irons and Exotics C721 “competition spec” 7, 8 and 9 irons in a blended set. My lofts are set at 3.5* to 4* increments from the 5 through 7 irons and 5* increments from the 8 iron through my most lofted wedge (59*}.
  7. Unless the golfer has an exceptionally slow clubhead speed, 3 yards should be about 1/4 of a club difference gap, certainly less than 1/3 of a club differential.
  8. I also get a significantly lower ball flight with the AVX and a somewhat higher ball flight with the TP5x balls. I actually feel that the TP5x plays more similar to the ProV1x than to the ProV1, but that’s for me and YMMV.
  9. Same thing for the links courses in NW England and Scotland -- the caddies there are good for saving a fair number of strokes (and more than a few golf balls, as well). When I played there this summer on four of the Open Championship courses, plus one non-Open course, the caddies were absolutely essential. In addition, they are just part of the ambiance and flavor of playing links golf (especially the Scottish caddies!).
  10. Safe: - Maltby Pure Track PTM-4 putter that I built within the last year (unless I put the EVNROLL ER2 back in my bag - Edison wedges (44, 49, 54 & 59 degrees); the 49, 54 and 59 are definitely safe, but the 44 may get pushed out of my bag if I put the PW to my set back with the rest of my TE Exotics C721 iron set. - Sub 70 939X 21* #4 hybrid As Close to “safe” as it gets: - Exotics C721 irons, with E721 5 & 6 irons - Callaway Epic Flash 7-wood - OnCore golf balls (Vero X1 or X2 in warm weather, 2022 ELIXR in cool or cold weather). The only ball that might knock out the Vero is Srixon’s Z-Star Diamond. Probably Safe: - Titleist TS2 4-wood (16.5*, set to 15.75* loft) Always on the “Chopping Block”: - whatever driver is in the bag (currently a Titleist TSi1, but it could be a TE Exotics C or E722, Ping G425 Max, Sub 70 849 Pro or even a TM 300 Mini Driver - 13.5*, set to 12.83* loft)
  11. I prefer it when courses do not have red tees at all, instead opting for green or silver, which some courses in my area do. At least you don’t hear “red tees are for women” in those instances.
  12. More often, I see: black - championship blue - long-hitting and/or low-handicap men white - men’s/members gold - seniors and low-cap ladies red - ladies Occasionally, there are combinations of blue/white, white/gold, and sometimes gold/red tees (almost always indicated solely on the scorecard, but once in a great while I have seen the combinations indicated with a stripe of the alternate color on the tee marker, e.g. - blue marker with white stripe or white marker with blue stripe, white marker with gold stripe or vice-versa). I generally find the alternate-stripe system to be too confusing for most golfers, and my foursome almost got tripped-up by this just a couple days ago, which would have gotten my entire foursome DQ’d, as happened to about a dozen golfers at the same course last year on the same course in the same golf tour.
  13. Looks like you should play tees that give you a total 18-hole distance between 5,220 to no more than about 5,600 yards.
  14. I won’t hit if I have 195-220 yards, because I hit LOTS of 4-hybrid and 7-wood approach shots that distance. On very rare occasions, if I have as much as 230-235 yards to a green (unprotected - no pond or creek short of the green and no real trouble left and right), I MIGHT wait to hit, because that is my ideal distance to hit a 4-wood from a decent fairway lie. However, more often than not, if I am more than 220 yards from the green, I will lay-up with anything from an 8-iron to a 5-iron, and I am NOT wasting time waiting for the group that is on the green to putt-out! Golfers who can’t hit any club in their bag more than 165-175 yards have no business waiting to hit if the group ahead of them is 200 yards away on the green or in the fairway. The guy with whom I play who is most guilty of waiting to hit when the group in front of us is clearly too far away to be in any danger is also the same person who ALWAYS shoots everything and everyone ahead of him with his laser rangefinder — not once, but several times “to be sure he has an accurate distance”.
  15. 36x your 5-iron (carry) distance is the correct formula for arriving at ideal 18-hole total yardage. 28x driver carry distance is also an acceptable formula.
  16. Details and instructions are here (it was actually just updated on November 21, 2022) -- https://wishongolf.com/shaft-selector/
  17. OMG, that drives me absolutely bonkers! I have mentioned the 77 year old guy who plays with me on my winter golf tour who cannot hit his driver more than 165 yards (run-out included). He doesn't have another club in his bag that he can hit more than 140 yards, yet he is always waiting to hit his approach shots of 200+ yards, only to pull out one of his hybrids, none of which give him more than 120 yards on near-perfect strikes. We (myself and one of our other regular playing partners) have talked to him about this several times and his answer is always a ridiculous, "what if I hit a perfect shot?" ..... yeah, what if he does? It will maybe go 122 yards rather than 120 with the hybrid or 143 yards rather than 140 with his 3-wood.
  18. Essentially the same at my "home" course (not necessarily where I play most often, but where I am a member and where I maintain my USGA Handicap Index), except that the tee boxes still have colors (black, gold, turquoise, maroon, white, yellow, red, plus blue/white, white/yellow and yellow/red combination tees). In addition, the course where I played in competition this Tuesday had two sets of combination tees. I find this to be very helpful, and generally play the blue/white or white/yellow combo tees. I think that the idea of numbering the tees and getting rid of the color-coded tee boxes is an excellent idea, and I wish that courses would adopt this universally, although it will never happen.
  19. 3JACK, Very good (and comprehensive) response! I have known Tom (and his wife, Mary Ellen, who helped him run Wishon Golf) for more than 24 years and respect him greatly. I also worked with Tom in management at Golfsmith from 1997-2001. One point which I think you have backwards is the design credit for the Sterling One Length irons. I know that there was a lot of controversy, and some legal action, on that front; however, if I am not mistaken it was actually Tom Wishon who designed those single-length irons, and Jacob Bowden was merely a minor player in the process, although he attempted to take all of the credit. That is why Jacob was served with a Cease and Desist Letter in that regard, which he has chosen to violate repeatedly.
  20. The shaft bend profile database has been updated and is up-to-date as of about one week to 10 days ago!
  21. In England and Scotland, every course that I played had gold tees, but they most definitely were NOT “senior” tees. The senior tees were generally green, and the gold tees typically played between 6,200-6,500 yards. At a couple of those courses, our caddies told us that we should not play the gold tees unless we carried a legitimate handicap below about 12-15 and could hit our drivers more than 225 yards on the fly.
  22. To be honest, I have been thinking about quitting the winter golf tour after the 2022-23 season (maybe sooner), and I am far from a short hitter among the senior golfers. I am still longer than many of the younger amateurs on this tour, but it is getting to be no fun for me having to lay-up on the longer par 4s and hitting lots of hybrids and more than a few 4-woods and 7-woods for my second shot on some of them. I am scoring at least 10 strokes higher than my handicap at far too many events, and when I’m having a bad round it gets much higher than that. It’s a rare occasion when I shoot a net score around par, and I only shot under par (net) at three events last season, when I was playing better than I have been since my cancer surgery this September. This is what happens when you play courses from tees that are too long for you and where they are set up with the most difficult pin positions.
  23. The 77 year old guy who plays in my winter golf tour foursome almost every week cannot reach very many fairways with his driver. He also uses his driver on all but the shortest par 3 holes (I have never seen him hit an iron on ANY par 3). I am not sure why he carries any irons other than maybe a sand wedge because I hardly ever see one come out of his bag.
  24. I like those formulas, and they certainly work well for me. With my “winter distances” (170 yards with 5 iron, 220 max with driver, unless the turf is frozen), that would result in an 18-hole playing distance range of 6,120 to 6,160 yards. In warmer summer conditions, my yardage with both 5i and driver increases by at least 8-10%, and I have no problem playing 6,450 to 6,600 yard courses. However, I play with plenty of guys who should be playing red tees at 4,620 to 5,040 yards.
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