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  1. Bryan Oklahoma City, OK Callaway XR16 Sub-zero 2.4 index 115 MPH TSi2
  2. I have probably the most unique background of anyone in the profession. I am currently a professional golfer/golf coach, but started out my life as a classical pianist. I fell in love (permanently) with the game when Tiger broke on the scene. After 5 1/2 years in the Army (I am now a 100% Disabled Retired Veteran), I decided to follow my true passion and set out on the journey to professional golf. I’m currently fundraising in order headed out on tour full time next season (shameless plug). I use MGS almost exclusively when it comes time to make equipment changes. Hands down the best investigative journalism in the equipment sector of the industry!
  3. Matthew Wolff (why the heck not!). -12 winning scores.
  4. Bryan Oklahoma City 113-115 mph Callaway Chrome Soft X (2017 Model) No experience with Snell
  5. Bryan Armstrong, Oklahoma 1.5 hdcp, 113mph Callaway XR 16 Sub-Zero Epic Flash Sub-Zero
  6. Bryan Oklahoma Callaway XR ‘16 Sub Zero, 9.5°, Aldila VIP “Red Eyes”, 66g, X (2.7° torque) Fit - yes
  7. Bryan Oklahoma Callaway XR ‘16 Sub Zero 9.5° Aldila R.I.P. “Red Eyes”, 45.5”, 66g, X Additional weights added to head for a SW of D6 113-115mph
  8. Bryan Armstrong Oklahoma City, OK Touring Pro (no longer keep handicap) Callaway 2011 X-Prototype Musclebacks*, 3-P KBS C-Taper 130, +1/2” Standard lie Loft as follows: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°, 32°, 36°, 40°, 45° *this set was among the last custom sets made by Mr. Miura for Ernie Els. He gave them to his neighbor, and his neighbor then sold them to me.
  9. Bryan - Oklahoma HDCP - 1 Swing Speed - 115 +\- 2mph Current Driver - Callaway XR Sub Zero, Aldila RIP Alpha “Red Eyes” 60X G400 LST - X-flex (2.7° torque or less)
  10. Bryan Armstrong 39 Oklahoma City, OK Staying mentally sharp and present throughout the entire round, especially in tournament play.
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