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  1. So i picked up golf 3 months ago and became addicted. I am very satisified with my progress, I am driving 285 consistently and straight, doing well with irons and putting, struggling with hitting fairway and hybrid off the ground and i am awful at pitching but I am learning. I have been an athlete my entire life and this is my favorite sport. Today really got to me. Hit me hard. I joined an outing. I was so excited. I practiced for 3 weeks over an hour a day, dieted like I do for my boxing matches, and came ready to play. I had an okay team, not great but respectable. We did such a great job today, we scored a -9 and won the outing. Here is where things went south. The tournament director was playing in the outing and was mad that we beat his team, Last minute, AFTER the tournament was over he decided to change the prizes and that no teams will get prizes. He only paid out for 3 longest drives and 3 longest putts which 2 of the 6 were him. No recognition, to acknoledgment on us winning. I LOVE golf. Finally I can play a sport that I can constantly improve on and not get my face beat in. Today is really hitting me hard though. I feel all my hard work and all my effort went down the drain and was for nothing.
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