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  1. I actually switched to the claw a year or so ago. I had gotten to the point where I didn't feel comfortable over any putt (actually had about a 2 foot birdie putt on a par 3 at my home course during one skins game that I honestly had no idea if I would make it or not). Before my next round, I was screwing around on the practice green with the claw grip and it actually felt really good. Used it during that round of golf and make 5 birdies and won almost $100 and have never went back to the traditional grip. I still putt pretty well with it and have a lot more confidence in hitting my line.
  2. Bryson???? I don't know how you keep up with that many stats in a round. I can only assume you are an accountant or something like that with all those numbers. If you can keep up with that amount and not get distracted, then more power to you. If you've dropped that many strokes this year, then it's obviously working. I would get so confused with all those numbers I would either give up after hole 2 or it would take me 7 hours to finish the round.
  3. It's the same as with the US Open. As long as you can qualify, you can play. I would assume this is where the game is at its biggest level, so people from all over want to compete with the best field they can.
  4. That is a pretty big gap and I'm not real sure how I would fix it. I would hate to waste a spot in my bag with a second 50*, but that may be the only solution. Either that, or try to put some different shafts in the 54 and see if you can get some added distance.
  5. This is me. I normally play a draw. And I love to play that shot. But I would pay just about any amount of money to be able to hit a fade as well. I can every now and then, but it's usually completely accidental or it cuts way too much or not nearly enough. If I ever play a course that demands a fade on most of the holes, I'll be completely screwed.
  6. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Brendan Steele Tier 5: J.B. Holmes Winning score: -14
  7. The greens at my home course have been the worst this year than they've been in a long time. There were several courses around here that had issues with their greens this year, but most of them have now recovered. They are getting a little bit better than what they used to be, but they still have some work to do. The rest of the course doesn't look too bad for what they have to work with.
  8. I barely missed the fairway and was pretty sure my ball would be sitting just in the right rough. I was a member of that course and played there several times a week, so I pretty much knew right where my ball would be sitting. He, for reasons I don't know, took off to my ball first before he went to his. When I got to mine, it was a little farther right than I hit it and was sitting square behind a tree.
  9. There was a guy I used to play with quite often that constantly cheated. He lived by the motto the fastest cart has the best lie. As soon as we all teed off, he'd haul butt to get to his ball to improve his lie. Just about every time he hit his ball and it definitely went in either the water or the woods, he would find it and have a clear shot at the green. There was one day he actually fake tripped and when he stood back up, there was his ball laying right beside where he "fell". He used to "accidentally" drop a towel on the ground and find his ball right under it. I will have to see he was pretty creative with it though. The one that really got me was when he ran up the fairway before anybody else could get up there and I saw him go near my ball. When I got to my ball, I was directly behind a tree and had no swing at all. I almost lost it that day.
  10. I haven't watched a Feherty episode in a while, but I may try to catch this one. His shows have definitely changed my perception of several tour players. We saw a side of Sergio that made me like him a lot now and a side of Bubba that made me not like him much at all. I'm already a slight fan of Poults, so we'll see if this changes anything. I like his competitive spirit, even if he does come off as a a-hole every now and then.
  11. I have thoroughly enjoyed this testing so far. I will say that I didn't really want to like these irons since I'm a Callaway homer, but these things are legit. I may have to make some bag changes when this thing is over.
  12. I have seen a video of my swing...and I immediately wanted to turn the screen off. I had no idea I made all those movements during my swing. Most of the time, though, the ball still goes about where I want it to go. After watching it on video, I knew I couldn't pay much attention to it and instead needed to focus on just getting the right contact and ball flight. As long as I get that, I'm happy.
  13. This reminds me of a tournament I played where we could only take 4 clubs. I was paired with two older guys that were playing the senior tees. It was only a 6 hole tournament and I think I was somewhere around 8-9 over on those 6 holes. The older guys, however, were even and -1. It was like they played with those 4 clubs every day. They couldn't miss. They got 1st and 2nd place easily.
  14. I would much rather play golf on the beach, however I've played a couple different courses in the mountains and they were a blast too. If I'm looking for a place to live, however, that's a different story. Give me the mountains every time.
  15. 1. Jordan Spieth 2. Paul Casey 3. Thorbjorn Oleson 4. Jason Dufner 5. Padraig Harrington Tie Breaker: -12
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