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  1. Also all courses should have a handicap system so when you check in with the starter he/ she sees that and puts you at the right tees
  2. Are you kidding me only 18% of all of these people think it’s the tees!!!! That’s 90% of the trouble for us weekend players if you are always hitting a 3/4 iron into par 4’s then you need to move up playing from the wrong tees means harder 2nd shots and not reaching in 2 so when you don’t play from the right tees it pretty much means 2 extra shots per player not only making it take longer but also higher scores so let’s put the ego’s down and move up if you can’t reach the 150 marker every drive then move up
  3. Lewis Illinois Cobra amp forged 4 thru gap 3 degrees up 7/140
  4. Lewis Illions Cobra f7 tour hazardous black stiff low spin 9.5 98 11.3 St 180 stiff
  5. Lewis Graves Chicago/Illinois Driver Cobra bio cell pro stock shaft Swing speed/103 Distance 230 Not on social media Sony Love golf and love cobra clubs I also use the amp forged irons so would love to try it out
  6. Welcome to the forums Lewise101 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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