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  1. Don't laugh, but TopFlite Hammer Distance is stupid long. Don't have to worry about losing them, either, at about a buck a ball!
  2. Lance Charlotte, NC Cameron Fastback I'd like to test the wide
  3. Lance Charlotte, NC I walk 75% of the time. I WAS using a BagBoy Quad Navigator electric cart, which just died on me, so I'd like to try this one. I'll be able to compare the two for the forum.
  4. Lance / Charlotte, NC I am indeed right handed. I'd like to try the regular flex hybrid, with the regular flex 14° 3 wood as my backup. I have a 19 index. I play 4 and 5 hybrids. Thanks!
  5. Lance /Charlotte, NC 19 Mizuno It looks all business!
  6. Lance / Charlotte, NC / USA I currently play a Scotty Cameron mid-mallet. The Ketsch interests me. I like the look and I want to try a mallet with alignment lines and a little more weight than my current putter.
  7. I never had much luck with the CBX, maybe this will work better for me! Lance / Charlotte, NC SCOR, Tour Edge 56°
  8. Lance, Charlotte, NC Currently using a Garmin S20 watch Also use a Bushness Tour V4 (primarily) Thanks for your consideration.
  9. First Name/State or Country of residence: Lance / North Carolina Handicap: 20.2 Current irons in Play: Mizuno JPX 900 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 145
  10. Lance / Charlotte, NC I use a Bushnell V4 laser. I also occasionally use a Garmin S-20 GPS watch. I'd love to evaluate the nx9 and compare it to the Bushnell, which is pretty mainstream but has some issues. I'm curious to know if the Precision Pro does things differently and/or better.
  11. I need more spin on my approach shots, so according to the Snell web site I should try the MTB Red. - Lance in Charlotte, North Carolina - 18.1 index - Bridgestone e6 soft - low spin on approach shots. Thank you for your consideration!
  12. Wow! Great stuff. Lance in NC, using a TaylorMade M1 with stock shaft. SS about 90, 180 avg distance. No names. I use an iPhone Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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