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  1. I am a fan of the SNSR grips as well, I have had a Superstroke counterbalanced on on Odyssey 1W, and the stock Ping PP60 on my Sigma G Tyne putter. All these grips are nice and have helped my putting.
  2. As of last year I was using the same irons that I had competed with in High School and College (early 2000's). I still hit them well, but needed some help in forgiveness. I went from Taylormade LCG to Rocketbladez Tour irons, and love the look and feel of the Rocketbladez.
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    Clubs are free on SW?
  4. I try to when it isn't too hot in Houston, TX but that is about 3/4 of the year here.
  5. I just wanted to give my .02, I think the technology is useful if used in the right way. I had a guy just out of college, and that just became a Golftec certified instructor. He was a nice guy, but I didn't like his teaching. He didn't give me what I should be feeling to make the proper adjustments in my swing. I am sure with a beginner he would be fine teaching them the basics, but with 20 years of swinging a certain way I need a different type of lesson. I am sure if you got a good coach, the tech would be worth the lesson for the price (a little high for me). I found a pro that I got along with and is very reasonable with his rates that I am very happy with.
  6. I am doing exactly what cnosil is, so to reiterate it isn't always an OTT swing.
  7. Thanks Txmason123, where in DFW are you? I grew up in FW. Cheers, -Glenn
  8. Nice, I am across Hwy 6 from you (behind Walmart). I play at Quail Valley and Sienna (when I can find a deal on the green fee) and a lot off 288 in Pearland as it is usually fairly cheap. If you ever need someone to play with, hit me up.
  9. I am going to order one soon, I am planning on taking this to the golf course closest to my house and using it on the green, as their pin placements are usually really dumb and there are never enough for how many people are trying to practice. I have an Odyssey putt target now, but I am curious about the Putt-Out.
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