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  1. 33 1/4" L neck hosel Headcover included. Traxion gt 1.0 grip. Small chip toe side where crown and face meet. Shown in pic.
  2. Includes headcover and tool if you need one . Was new in plastic when I got it 2 months ago. I've gamed it for 2 months.
  3. I pulled this putter's balls off. It was a 2ball fang. Now it's a custom alignment fang. Both alignment aids are 3d printed. You can see how the seat onto the head. You get the putter and both alignment aids. Plays 33.5 inches and has a winn dritac midsize pistol. Headcover included.
  4. Shaft lengths...grip to tip: 4i - 37" 5i - 36 3/8" 6i - 36" 7i - 35 1/4" 8i - 34 3/4" 9i - 34 3/8" Pw - 34"
  5. M4 with speeder evo3 sold
  6. M4 8.5 with evo3 sold. 661 evo2 X flex tipped .5 plays 45"
  7. Willing to trade for a 10.5 m5
  8. Rogue has TM adapter. 44.5" grip to tip (not playing length). Tensei hybrid is tipped 3/4" and played to 6.4 in a 3 hybrid
  9. Club/shaft combo plays 45". Lead tape has been removed. Shaft is S flex. Willing to split $320 for the setup $255 for the head only $70 for the shaft only
  10. Shaft has been tipped 3/4 inch. Tip has either glue or old ferrule residue on it, as shown in one of the pics...will easily cleanup when you have it installed.
  11. I've personally tested the Bridgestone b x and b xs, on a launch monitor and on the course. I found the inverse of the mgs report for those balls. The b xs was lower spinning, tighter dispersion, and longer. I hit 7-10 shots per club, per ball with wedge, 8, 6, and 4. I then took the balls on the course and found the b xs to be 1/2 club longer off the irons and equal distance off the driver. The b xs was closer to the performance of the old b330. It seems to me that Bridgestone changed the dynamics from the b330 and b330s. I figured the b x would be closest to the b330 but it wasn't. Any
  12. If they don't sell then they don't sell. I play a callaway wedge for my 54 because I like the w grind. Could always buy a new wedge for when I need to replace the current.
  13. They're callaway gift cards. This listing is not a scam. They're legitimate cards. Got them from work but I don't play much from Callaway and don't need them.
  14. This is an instant $20 savings. You get $100 toward Callaway equipment for $80.
  15. Can only be used at callawaygolf.com $100 in gift cards for $80. I'll send card codes as soon as PayPal money is received.
  16. Includes headcover. Plays to standard taylormade driver length and whatever standard tipping tm tips shafts. No extra tipping and no extension in the shaft. Driver has 1 year of play. It was replaced by tm after another driver cracked in January. $160 shipped
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