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  1. Here is a chance to win a $500 Travis Mathew gift card. http://swee.ps/FPBVzzpzj
  2. Has there been a decision on when this will be announced?
  3. I was wondering when this would start. This should be fun. Age: 36 Swing Speed: 105-110 Hadicap: 20 Rounds Per Year: 2 Just started back after many years off. Current Driver: None mine blew the crown. See broken club post! Have you been fitted for a driver in the past year: no Average driving distance: 230-240
  4. Yeah it's about 10 years old or so. It went from that nice tink sound to a wack , it sound like a plastic bottle being hit by a softball bat. Now I have to find a new driver, wife told me I have to hold off till next spring. Good thing season is about over here in Colorado.
  5. Well I broke my first ever club today.
  6. Colby Fort Collins, Co Handicap (was told nobody is that bad at golf) Dream Bag: TFI 2135 Satin Elevado Putter, RTX-3 Tour Raw Wedge, Launcher CBX Irons, Launcher HB Hybrid, Woods, Driver. This would be awesome to win, never had a fitting before.
  7. Thanks for the post. Here is my link as well https://wn.nr/nXfWW6
  8. I have never broken a club though I have been trying this year. My clubs are a cheap 10 year old set but they will not break.
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were any members from Fort Collins, Co that could give me some recommendations for instructors. I would also be looking for a fitting since I am sure I am not using the right club set up. Thanks
  10. Colby 36 Fort Collins Co Really everything I have no steady part of my game. With my driver I can take the tee out from under the ball and the ball never move or send the ball into the ground 3 feet in front of the tee. Iron play I can send grass further than my ball. Putting anything with in 4 in I am good anything outside of that its luck only.
  11. Colby Colorado Dunlop Pro Reg flex dulop shaft Swing Speed 90-95 Distance 240-245 twitter @colbyhagerman no facebook no instagram Android
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