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  1. I love these contests!! Cut will be -2 Speith will be +5 after 2 rounds
  2. Congrats testers, this will be an interesting one to follow. I do have to admit that my putter is the one club that is safe in my bag till it wears out (or I do!!)
  3. Man, I can't wait to see these and if I'm getting impatient, you guys must be...
  4. Mate, I have done three tests so far and I'm in NZ. Read the how to post, be patient and in the meantime, get involved and enjoy the forum.
  5. Brilliant, congrats testers. Have heaps of fun with this!!
  6. Congrats to all four of you. Have fun putting these rocket launchers through their paces
  7. Three dots and a line like a shamrock, to the right of the number on both sides.
  8. For Driver I don't mind, I seem to go better in a bay at a range though. For irons I much prefer outdoors on grass.
  9. I realized that months ago I was going to test the new Titleist drivers and I never got round to saying how it went... I wandered along to my home club on a beautiful, warm summers day. Just a gentle breeze was blowing and conditions were perfect. The set up that Titleist had put together was amazing, with all the clubs and shafts you could ever want. Nothing could stop me from having the best fitting experience ever!! Did I say nothing? I forgot to factor in my own swing!! I was awful that day . It didn't stop Mathew Holten (Our local Titleist Rep in Christchurch, NZ) from making the most of the situation. After hitting a few with my Cobra F9, he had me try multiple different head/shaft combos and worked really hard to try and get me some gains. In the end he came up with a recommendation that surprised him. He also said that until the Cobra breaks I should stick with it. So here is what he sent me as the best option.... Titleist Golf Club Fitting for John Hampton. Location: Templeton Golf Club Fitter: Mathew Holten Fitting Date: Thursday, 12 January 2023 Driver: TSR3 9° Dexterity: LH SureFit Hosel Setting: D-2 SureFit CG Setting: Heel 1 SureFit Weight: +2 g Length: -0.5" Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Red CB 50 TSR Shaft Flex: 6.0 Grip: Standard Grip Size: Standard Size It's the second time Mathew has fitted me, I got my T100S irons through him, and I highly recommend him to anyone in NZ. Anyway that's what I've been testing and to be honest, If I was seriously looking for a driver I wouldn't just try one brand but you all know that otherwise you wouldn't be here
  10. Wow this is a tough call!! I have been lucky enough to have played at many great courses with stunning views and great locations but Seapoint in County Louth, Ireland is a highlight. Especially seen as I beat my father in law last time up (with borrowed clubs). Another way to look at this is performance wise and there are a few of them too. My lowest score of 74 at home (par 73), shooting 5 over in a round when I was 5 over after 2 holes was fun too. But the best was when I was playing match play, was 5 down with 6 to play, and won 1 up. The team lost 7-1 that day so I saved us some embarrassment!!. Other than that, any day you can walk off the course and enjoy a cold beer with your playing partners is a great day at golf. There is a set of clubs waiting for you @GolfSpy_APH and lots of great beers too mate!!
  11. That's awesome to hear, sharing the love and growing the game!!
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