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  1. Ooooo I'm in!! At least I understand this league and can compete!!
  2. Personally I have the PW at 44*, the GW 48* then 52* and 56*. That gapping is actually better for me, I don't miss my 60*. It was basically a bunker club only anyway.
  3. Well I have thrown up my "final" thoughts and put it this way, don't expect to see me putting my hands up for Iron tests for maybe the next decade . Oh and I will come back and add some photos.
  4. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!!
  5. I have 4 rounds in the books with the new clubs and things are going excellent . The T100S irons are really consistent with the launch I want and really nice spin. The T200 4 iron is quickly becoming my favourite club to hit, it is just a rocket launcher . I can't say enough about the feel but I will leave that for my review. I have a session booked on Wednesday to get spin numbers for the Maxfli ball test so that will really tell me the truth about these (I will hit a few with my old clubs for a comparison too).
  6. Again this shows that people need to forget their preconceptions when it comes to shafts and clubs. Graphite shafts are not the light whippy sticks they used to be. Did you give your friend the broken record speech of "get fitted and try everything"?
  7. Fortunately for all of my team the weather held off today till the 17th hole and I was able to give the T100S and T200 irons a good try. First off all of these irons felt fantastic, soft but solid. The launch was in the right window, flight was penetrating and spin was really good. I have to see how the distances but it looks like they will be either just as long as my Cobras or maybe even longer.... I am delighted with the clubs and can't wait to hit them again. As for my score, it was a solid 79 and I won my game 3 & 1. The team won 7/1 .
  8. So I was thinking that I might get my clubs the first week of October but nope, they arrived today . Unfortunately it was way too windy to have a hit today and tomorrow looks wet. A couple of first impressions, these things are beautiful and they are way slimmer than my Cobras. I am meant to be playing a matchplay game tomorrow so it will be a true baptism of fire for them. Let the testing begin
  9. Awesome stuff, Congrats testers!!
  10. First post in this thread for a while, my golf went through a patch of 82, 83 and 84 rounds when I suddenly had two 89s in a row. My swing just fell out of the groove and I just couldn't hit my irons. The on Sunday I got back to an 82 (42 on the front, 40 on the back.) Highlight of the day was a faded driver off the deck from about 250 yards to set up an eagle putt on the longest hole on the course. I just missed the putt and tapped in for birdie.
  11. I like the sound of a high but penetrating ball flight!! My set is being built so it hopefully should be here about the beginning of October ( just in time for my birthday )
  12. Massive thanks to Mike for the answers, really enjoyed what he had to say.
  13. Yeah they sprayed everywhere and felt "clicky"
  14. Ok folks, I have been very quiet in this test so far but I can confirm that my order is in. I didn't manage to get to a final fitting but I knew what I wanted and just couldn't wait any longer . My final fitting was booked for the 20th of August but a little lockdown put paid to that. I have ordered the T100S irons, 5-48* with AMT White S300 shafts, standard lie and a T200 4 iron with the same shaft and set up. I decided to go for this mini combo just because the T200 is easier to hit and flies higher in the long iron. Having the 48* at the other end gives me great gapping but does mean that I will probably drop my 60* out of the bag. My wedges will now be PW (44*), 48*, 52* and 56*. The 60 has been primarily just a bunker club and the 56 works really well from there too so it's no big loss. The AMT shaft has been so consistent for me, it puts the ball in a great window and flies straight (with a good swing of course). The reason I went for the S rather than the T100 is to just give me a little more distance but hopefully keep the consistency in front to back dispersion. So now all I have to do is wait for them to arrive, which could be anywhere between a week or up to 6 weeks. Oh and just for transparency, yes I am paying for these but they should be worth every cent!!
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