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  1. Yeah when I tagged the irons I got to the pitching wedge and carried on without changing to specialised wedges. So that's how it ended up being a 10 iron.
  2. Sorry @JohnSmalls there is one par 4 I have to lay up. The dogleg is too tight and the trees are too tall to hit driver
  3. I am going to be playing mostly my home course but if I get the chance I will play some different ones. In fact the course I played on the weekend is one I have never set foot on before
  4. Brilliant stuff and great to see a couple of newer members selected. Have fun folks, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these irons
  5. Personally I have the same shafts in my irons and a close as I could in the woods so any improvement will be the heads
  6. Right so far this week I have managed to play 36 holes so I'm getting a decent amount of numbers for the challenge . Oh and because I'm playing in Winter driver has to come out on almost every hole
  7. I only said this in a moment of weakness (beer may have been involved). But I will do it. Just remember the is a one in five chance if this happening
  8. Oh @Wedgie, your little snipes will not distract me. I will continue striking the driver and posting the numbers. Besides jealously will get you nowhere
  9. Very good point @bardle, but none of us are here to throw 100 yard darts, we're all about the big stick and launching bombs!!
  10. Thanks, actually it's winter now. We have mild winters and rarely see snow where I live. That course is about 50 miles from home and in the foothills of the Southern Alps. It will get covered in snow at some point. It's currently midnight and 30* F outside. The max today was 50*. We are lucky enough to play golf all year round here
  11. Ok so not a good golf day for me but the course is beautiful. The only highlight was my driving which was pretty good all day.
  12. So far the weekend has been a bust. Rained out today but looking better tomorrow. Playing at Terrace Downs for the first time tomorrow. Will try to get lots of photos to show off.
  13. They appear in the back nine but trust me a great hole doesn't need to be long to be difficult The 289 yard hole is real risk and reward stuff and when the right wind blows it plays more like 360
  14. Well spotted. I did use the Cobras but it was before the official start and I wasn't tracking the clubs with Arccos. The screen grab is from the NZ Golf site.
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