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  1. I'm quite partial to the Cobra Connect threads and the win an Odyssey putter thread is always good for a laugh
  2. No need for apologies, we know you won't share until it's just right
  3. Oooo it's nearly Christmas, do I sense a stage two in the air?
  4. I feel the same about the F9s and my brother is a convert as well
  5. Outstanding work sir, splash out with a 2 iron!! The sheer audacity of that statement has me swooning
  6. Oh boy, I have been dying to see or hear about this three hole challenge
  7. It really does seem like the Apple watch is not working well with Arccos. It will be very interesting to see if link does better....
  8. Wow, you are having some issues. I suppose I should add a warning to my review that I mainly play at just one course. However I still haven't had the same issues when I do venture away from home. Funny thing is I'm using the android system that used to cause all of the issues but has almost been flawless for me. Maybe it's because I'm so far away and there are so few Arccos users here that it works better Yes I know that's ridiculous but I'm just spitballing here
  9. I voted other due to the lack of availability here in NZ. Also I have no room at home
  10. How many rounds have you had now? I had a bunching issue on Arccos with my Cobras when I first started but it's nicely spread now and I would imagine the same will happen with you
  11. Oh man it must be 7 years since we saw that amount of snow where I live
  12. Excellent start guys, I have to admit that I'm a lot jealous of this group. I have been rocking a Rife two bar hybrid for at least 10 years now and have come to realise the only thing that could replace it is another Guerin Rife design
  13. Yep on a good day in the middle of winter you could go for a surf at Sumner beach in the morning and then go skiing at Mt Hutt in the afternoon
  14. I still have trouble getting my head around your off season. We went through the entire winter and never saw a single snow flake fall in the city. My golf course was never closed by weather over the winter.
  15. My Arccos is still working really well but I have worn out my putter sensor (the replacement is winging its way over the Pacific)
  16. I totally agree about the shoes, very comfortable, great grip and completely waterproof. Everything you could want performance wise and stylish too
  17. Thought I would dust this thread off for an update. I have been "tinkering" with my driver (and maybe my swing) and trying some new settings. Having put the heavy weight to the front for a low spin setting I then thought I would drop from 10.5* to 9* to see what would happen. Well that experiment lasted 2 weeks. All I could do was hit fades and cuts with the occasional huge hook. My driving went down the toilet and so did my scores . So I finally put it back to 10.5* and BAM my draw was back baby. It's amazing to me how such a small change can have such big ramifications to your game. It also re enforces to me that we should leave the tinkering to the experts, get fitted and leave it alone!!
  18. Good grief, that's 1980s Greg Norman spin!! I can see a major ball test in your immediate future. May I suggest the Snell MTB X?
  19. So they are forgiving blades that look amazing and generate prodigious spin
  20. Right, I shall now share some thoughts. I actually did a comparison during the CCC3 pre chatter so I thought I would rehash that. First up I have to give a win to Shot Scope for the greens and putting. It gives you more accurate data for the second putts and so forth, is easier to accurately plot the pin with a click of a button and doesn't miss as many short putts. Both lots of sensors are easy to install but the Arccos sensors fit and sit soooo much better on top of the grip. They just look better and not as fragile as the Shot Scope ones do on grips with a rounded top. Both systems are easy to use but Arccos for me is by far easier. The ability to check if your shot registered and edit the hole as you play is a massive win for Arccos. No more editing the round later that night for me . I was even able to finish a round in virtual darkness, when the sensors wouldn't work, by adding shots as I hit them. Being able to look at a map of the hole as you play is fantastic so another win for Arccos. Yes Shot Scope gives yards to the front, middle and back of the green no matter what angle you are on and distance to hazards but to see the layout of the hole really helps me visualize the shot. Both systems give fantastic stats and can really help focus your mind on the problem areas of your game but the way Arccos present the data makes so much sense to me. I love the handicap presentation for each category and after just a couple of rounds it has already pointed out the areas I knew I had to work on. Good grief my chipping sucks Having my phone in my front pocket was very easy to get used to and ended up being far more comfortable than the watch. In fact the position I had to wear the watch on my wrist to ensure it recorded shots correctly was causing pain in my hand. I had reached the point where I had to stop wearing it and stop using Shot Scope because of the pain. Since changing to Arccos the pain has gone completely. So there are a few thoughts and I think we know who the winner is . I have to say that I still love the Shot Scope and think it is a fantastic product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good, solid, easy to use tracking system. But now I am sold on Arccos. To me Shot Scope is the solid analogue system and Arccos is digital all the way.
  21. Thanks very much guys!! I had a great day eating good food and drinking very nice beer
  22. Excellent stuff @MaxEntropy, I will add something to this soon...
  23. I have to agree about the confidence factor. I've never had irons that I have trusted like this before. I really can laser the pin, pick the club for the number and know it will be right.
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