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  1. To give Wedgie his due he was a vehement supporter of the CCC3. How ever he made no bones about where his loyalty lay when it came to the individuals. Now has anyone had notification of new toys on their way?
  2. and as for this game that is being played for team loyalty... I can see it ending like this or maybe they will be doing this...
  3. Nunfa0

    Happy thread

    Ok so I went to the range tonight, took my Cobra F9 wedge and a Cobra Forged Tec cavity back wedge to swing. I hit 50 balls and had 1 shank. The rest were great. The Forged Tec felt so nice and wasn't any shorter than the f9 from what I could see. The main thing is I can make a full swing with no issues, I am walking pretty well so it looks like at least nine holes of golf could be played in the next couple of weeks!!
  4. Hmmmm Putting, approach, driving Sand, overall, chipping
  5. @B.Boston yes I am quite excited, Mainly because this year at the end I wont have to put up with bucky being all like as I finish an honorable second behind him... in fact here I am being gracious in defeat
  6. A very entertaining little motion picture with a message the competitors in this event should live by...
  7. Nunfa0

    Happy thread

    Well after a few weeks of hobbling around with crutches, I can now walk on my own . In fact I feel so good I am going to the driving range tomorrow to start hitting a few balls.
  8. Okay can I just say, I am thoroughly enjoying CCC4 so far. All of the testers have nailed the fittings, are throwing lots of heat at each other and the forum participation is excellent as always. The way this is going it should be 100 pages plus easy!! Bravo everyone, Bravo!!
  9. You forgot two.. Here are four of the group loving the gifs... and here is GB13 not knowing what movie this was...
  10. Congrats Guys, have fun with the Drivers. Will be great to hear how the whole fitting process goes.
  11. Breaking news!! Footage of DavidDVM and Headhammer coming to blows has been found... More on this story at 11....
  12. Mate, you are doing us antipodeans no favors here....
  13. Oh come now GB13, if you're going to speak the Queens English you should have said "The chaps from the Patriots are a group of uncouth cads"
  14. Mate he's an Aussie, they pronounce the word Australia as "Straya"...
  15. If you were going to get it wrong you could have at least said offaling.....get it?
  16. @daviddvm has that honour this year...
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