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  1. how about some love for those in the Northeast where most courses have just opened up!!! Dave. New Hampshire 13.4 Yes Microsoft Band 2 until they killed it! GolfLogix
  2. Okay you guys have to help me out. I have two problems. The first is that I happen to be partially blind in my right eye and I am a right handed golfer. I play to a 14 handicap but my biggest struggles have always been centered around gauging distance. I have used App based GPS systems like SkyCaddie but always found them to be a mixed bag. I have better luck with playing the same course over and over and gaining local knowledge that way. The second problem I have is that I live in the great state of New Hampshire and all courses in my area are currently under 3-8 inches of snow with or
  3. Like most of the folks responding I walk every round I play and here in the Northeast some of my favorites courses can only be classified as billy goat golf. COUNT ME IN!!! I average 3 9 hole rounds early in the morning Monday through Friday at 5:30 AM before I go to work and then at least 1 18 hole round on the weekends.
  4. Dave New Hampshire Acer XS HT irons Regular Apollo Acculite 85 Steel Iron Golf Shafts Handicap 15
  5. Is there really.. I mean really any other choice A all the way.
  6. So I can finally retire from my day job and become a full time staff member of MyGolfSpy!!!! BTW. you could insert any number of golfers in place of Natalie. Paula, Sandra Gal, Anna Rawson quickly come to mind.
  7. I just got finished playing 27 on Friday, 18 on Saturday and 27 on Sunday. After the mess I made of my driving this weekend, I wouldn't say I am desperate but playing army golf off the tee(left, right, left...) really wasn't much fun. I went ahead and ordered a set so let's see what happens!!
  8. I would definitely use it for my ugly sway and my golf buddies always ask me if would like BBQ sauce with that Chicken wing so that would be the first area I would concentrate on.
  9. I have three courses here in the state of Cow Hamshire that I play most often. Windham CC, Hidden Creek CC and Atkinsons CC. I work in Taxachusetts so I play a lot either b4 or after work most often at either Butter Brooke in Acton Ma. or Red Tail at Devens Ma.
  10. Hello from the great state of Cow Hampshire!

    Live Free and play more golf!

  11. is back in the hunt for the perfect putter

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