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  1. gkoch207

    West Palm Beach/Jupiter Course Recommendations?

    All great info. Thanks!! We may be venturing more towards the West Palm Beach to Lake Worth area. Any recommendations on courses down that way?
  2. gkoch207

    West Palm Beach/Jupiter Course Recommendations?

    Thanks for the recommendation. Yes, we've played the Palm Beach GC par 3 before. It was a blast. Will probably do it again this year. Its a good warm-up round right after the flight although the wind can be brutal! I'll check out the breakers.
  3. Every January/February we travel to Florida and enjoy 4-5 rounds of golf typically over a long weekend. We've done this for the past 5-6 years and have mainly stayed/played in central Florida. We typically just search Google or Golf Advisor reviews prior to booking but since I'm new here, I thought I'd utilize this forum and see if anyone has recommendations for courses to play in the West Palm Beach/Jupiter area. There will be 8-10 of us and a wide range of HC from 4-25. What courses would you recommend and why? I wouldn't say money doesn't matter, however, this is a golf trip so spending $150/round isn't out of the question.
  4. gkoch207

    New guy in Maine

    New guy here from Maine. Play a number of courses in the New England area and typically travel 1-2 times per year to the Southeast to play with a group of guys. Looking forward to joining the Spy community.