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  1. Haven't been playing long enough to have holy grails of clubs but hoping to make my current set be the holy grail but I have built 2 complete bags for my dad and my brother from my journey with golf clubs.
  2. look, the free agents sweep the majors this year, although Molinari is mostly TM still but interesting to see what he will play next season without a contract. The moral of the story, play whatever works. BTW doesn't Langer play 4 different iron models in his bag?
  3. Nice wedges! When are they going to start making the irons?
  4. Nice bag, I got a slight envy
  5. I think the differences in performance between OEMs are so minimum, except maybe putter. I would leave that slot open for whatever I like the best, so PING might not be an option in that regards but then again if PING wants me to pay me to play 14 of their clubs, I don't even think twice.......lol....money speak
  6. Fresh new clubs, do you play all 15 clubs or you leave 1 behind usually before every round?
  7. I'll buy them used when available on the market.
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