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  1. Safe: 3 Wood, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges Never Safe: Driver, Putter
  2. Won't bore you with pics from Thanksgiving dinner, but did make this amazing Lemony Layered Cheesecake for dessert that was simple and delicious.
  3. Call Titleist. They have decent customer service and can tell your the specs.
  4. I was shocked at what some OEMs are charging for grips right now. If you consider they are buying in bulk, and less than what we can buy them for at retail, and charging 2-3 times retail it's a helluva profit center.
  5. 30* This morning so I finally had to turn the heat on, a full 6 days after turning off the AC!
  6. I'm certainly no expert, but from what I've read one can have a consistent swing weight from top to bottom, except wedges which get heavier, OR, one can have increased weight with each club moving down the set. However, no one should have swing weights that are jumping all over the place as you have now.
  7. Bono & Clannad. Never been a huge U2 fan, but Bono's voice is haunting in this duet.
  8. Dinner last night was coriander seed crusted pork tenderloin with a strawberry merlot wine reduction & stir fried green beans with almonds. I kept the merlot reduction keto by swapping the sugar for splenda.
  9. Dinner last night was pulled pork with an Asian slaw. Found these 1 carb rolls at Kroger and honestly they tasted as good as any full carb bun I've ever tasted.
  10. Last night's listening session was some classic & southern fried rock.
  11. So true. Here is a tweet from Phil with 500+ responses, so far. A quick looks shows that the responses are split 50/50 positive/negative. One thing is certain that there are now bots designed to negatively respond to anything LIV that is posted on twitter. I see the same accounts post "no one cares" to every LIV post I see.
  12. Thanks for dealing with those buttholes!
  13. I always thought this was like when women's clothes designers created the Size 0 to make women feel like they came down a dress size. Shoe manufacturers have simply added a 1/2 size to make men with small feet feel better about their masculinity. P.s. - I used to wear a size 9.5 and now wear a 10-10.5. Yeah baby!!
  14. Dinner last night was a slow cooked pot roast on a bed of horseradish cauliflower mash. It was the perfect Sunday dinner on a cold & rainy Georgia night!
  15. Watched most of the LIV event yesterday. I found the format entertaining and with only 4 teams, that obnoxious leader board display was actually quite helpful. Cut or no cut, there was a lot of drama right up until the final putt. Cam Smith was lights out on what was a very tough course. Who woulda thought Pat Perez could put together a round that was not only fun to watch, but integral to the win for his team!
  16. @revkev I think you just described the LIV Tour, didn't you! I like @WaffleHouseTour idea about a stipend for caddies, and the new players will get financial help moving forward. As mentioned, I think the viewing experience is the biggest detriment to the tour. We rarely see live golf anymore and the amount of ads are just overwhelming. I know people complain about LIV being on YouTube, but I have no problem bringing their broadcast up on my 65" big screen and commercial free is so refreshing! My only suggestion would be to pair back the schedule or mandate the top 50 need to play in more events. The prestigious Butterfield Bermuda event, with Ben Crane ( I thought he was dead) leading a less than stellar field is not must see TV. The fact is LIV has a stronger field than the PGA tour this week, which is kinda scary with all the talent they have.
  17. Dinner last night was sheet pan salmon with veggies. Easy peasy & quite tasty.
  18. Made this keto carrot cake for dessert last night. While it lacks the moisture of a traditional carrot cake, all the flavors are there and the cream cheese icing would make cardboard taste good! I used Splenda in place of allulose in the cake and Swerve in the icing. Mrs. H. had 2 pieces, but I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone. https://ketogenic.cookingpoint.net/keto-carrot-cake-recipe/
  19. I love this post!! Pick him Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!
  20. Just you. My social feeds were jammed with LIV content all weekend, to the point I was starting to get perturbed by the deluge. Rahm, softening his stance a bit on LIV, and publicly recognizing the winner of the LIV event was big. Rory going off the PGA script saying the two tours need to find a way to work together.
  21. Dinner last night was a keto lump crab noodle stir fry. I used the Miracle Noodles to keep it keto. I liked it, but Mrs. H found it a little bland.
  22. Dinner last night was charred animal flesh and grilled asparagus. Sorry no images of the finished product as they disappeared off the plates pretty quickly!
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