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  1. Goodness... I would need padding for sure if I was standing on ice and trying to swing haha Sounds like a riot though & a good way to get outside during the cold months!
  2. I've only heard good things about Marquette! - be honest with me, how many times have you played snow golf!?
  3. Oh awesome! You or them have any favorite courses in that general area?
  4. Hahaha, I need to revisit that whole chapter after some of the holes I had today..!
  5. Thanks! What are some of your favorite courses down your way?
  6. Nice, the west coast is beautiful! I was born and raised in the mid-Michigan/greater Flint area. I'm back and forth between there and the Detroit area.
  7. Nice, my sis is marrying a yooper soon from Ishpeming! I'd love to hike the porkies sometime if I ever get around to planning a trip up that way...
  8. Shot 94 then 97 today... My goal is to break 90 by the end of summer, but, I've been riding the struggle bus as far as that goes. If anyone has tips on how they got their score to get below 90 then I am all ears...!
  9. Just got back from a trip there a few weeks ago I'd add Western Gailes to the mix even though I haven't seen it mentioned yet: http://www.westerngailes.com/ It's a textbook definition of a classic links course. They don't have the facilities to host the larger tournaments (i.e. driving/practice range) so they don't get the same press or coverage as some of the other courses like the Dundonald which is right next door and just hosted the Scottish Open. But, if they were able to make some property appear out of thin air and add those facilities, I think they would be hosting some bigger t
  10. Hole 18: Par 4 - around 330 yards A creek bends in and out through the first part of the fairway like an S in front of the Tee box. Then the hole takes a dog leg left. If you hit your tee-shot too good then you can get stuck behind a massive tree on the far side of the fairway just after the dog leg. So it's a moment of restraint where accuracy trumps distance. Then you essentially have a blind approach shot that goes up a relatively short but steep hill that hides the elevated green pretty well from your view. If you don't know where the green is, then you can definitely hit your appro
  11. Hey all, I'm a new member from mid-Michigan. Grew up in a family of avid golfers and am sort of a late bloomer as far as that goes haha! I'm the only guy on my dad's side that didn't play in high school, college or pursue touring/PGA professional as a career. They have 21 hole-in-ones racked up on that side of the family, my Uncle once got 2 in 1 day doing a 100-hole charity golf Ironman event - heck, even my grandma has at least one... I've only ever come within a foot or two. Took a trip to Scotland with a few of the guys in my family a few weeks ago and had a blast/caught the golf-b
  12. Aaron, Michigan TaylorMade Spider Tour Black 35" w/black pistol grip Osyssey O-Works 2-Ball Black 35" w/Superstroke
  13. Welcome to the forums sirchipsalot :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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