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  1. Like a lot of others that have posted, I don't think I even own a cotton golf shirt anymore. Performance all the way for me for numerous reasons. I'd guess the main one might be that I walk almost always and live in the South with the tremendous humidity during the summer. I have no desire to carry around that seemingly 5-10 lbs of sweaty cotton shirt for most of the round.
  2. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year - Anthony Henderson, Chattanooga, TN, USA Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Handicap and Swing Speed - 9, 105 Current Set - Mizuno 850 JPX Irons, Ping G400 Driver, Adams Hybrids Desired Cobra Set - F9 Single Length Hope that you want a leftie in the mix
  3. Anthony - Tennessee Handicap - 9 Swing Speed - 100-105 Ping G400 G410 Plus Hoping you want a leftie's perspective :)........PICK ME Pretty Please
  4. Anthony Henderson, Age 51, Chattanooga, TN My biggest issue for years has been the low pull hook with my driver off the tee.
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