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  1. Mike Mableton, GA 1.3 Index Mizuno Mp-15 / MP-64 combo - rifle 6.0 i210 Retro Spec - 1/2 inch short with KBS V tour stiff Also, since I probably won't be chosen I'll share an email I wrote to my buddies about the night my home club let me borrow a i500 to test on my GC2. I couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures / screenshots from the GC2 numbers so if someone has any tips let me know. The picture button only seems to work with URLs. Hey golfers, My club let me take a ping i500 7i demo home to test on the simulator and compare the ball data to my current clubs. The results are interesting. Specs of clubs I'm comparing: Mizuno MP-64 7i 34 degrees and 1 inch shorter than i500 7i. Rifle 6.0 which is S. Mizuno MP-15 6i 30 degrees 1/2 inch shorter than pong i500. Rifle 6.0 which is S Ping i500 7i 31 degrees standard length. Project x 6.0 120 g shaft which is S Ping eye 2 6i 31 degrees standard length. Cushin Z-Z65 heavy shaft which is S The test is to hit 5 balls but I removed a scull or two. Test 1: Mp-64 7i vs ping i500 7i This was before I measured the lofts. Obviously ping goes further but the ping i500 had a very consistent ball flight. Refer to table with hybrid and wedge where hybrid = mizuno and wedge =ping. Ping went 15 yards longer but it is 3 degrees stronger so I had to do test 2. Of note I hit all 6 of the i500 7i shots either 194 or 195 so that pretty consistent. Test 2: mp-15 6i vs ping i500 7i vs ping eye 2 6i These all had pretty much the same lofts so it seemed like a far comparison. The eye 2s were built in 1982 and the mizunos are from 2015 I think. The data shows the ping eye 2 has much higher spin and lower ball speed results in the lowest distance but conversely this might be the best out of the rough to hold a green with high launch and spin. The mizuno vs ping i500 comparison is interesting noting the i500 is 1 degree weaker but has higher ball speed, launch, spin and distance. I could definitely feel the technology in the i500 as it takes off like a rocket from the hollow head design but it does sound a little clicky. In conclusion I thought the numbers would be more drastic. Miss hits felt better with the ping i500 as I felt like I didn't lose distance but it wasn't game changing. A big difference might have been the shaft between the two clubs. Hit em well, Mike
  2. Mike from Georgia. 29 year old with a 1 handicap. I currently play mizuno mp-15 / mp-64 combo irons with rifle 5.5 shafts Thanks for the opportunity. I've always loved the look of these irons.
  3. First name: Mike from Atlanta, PA Current putter: Seemore FGP Big at 33 inches Your preferred Odyssey: Oddyssey O-Works Black #2M CS Putter This looks awesome. I am a long time lurker to these forum but would love to be more involved. My personal putter is very similar to my selection and i'd love to try out the face of the O-Works line to see how it compares to other inserts I have.
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