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  1. Just got back from a 4-day trip at Bandon. Played all 5 (6) courses. My preference is: Bandon Dunes - most playable. If you're hitting the ball well, you'll score well. If you're hitting the ball poorly, you'll still be okay. Most importantly, I had the most fun playing this course. Actually, we had a blast. Sheep Ranch - The views are incredible. Also had a lot of fun playing this course, but, there are definitely some holes that are pretty plain. The holes on the ocean though make up for this. Definitely worth playing. I actually played it twice, once in the morning, once in th
  2. Nick / Cincinnati, OH 9 Puma Grip Fusion I like to walk, so comfort first. Then it's playability. When I shift my weight, or follow through, does the shoe feel comfortable during all stages of the swing. And finally, they have to look good!
  3. Nick, Holly Springs, NC 5.0 My Cleveland dream bag would consist of 5-PW CBX irons. To complete the iron set I would add a 3 and 4 HB Hybrid. I prefer the standard Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood set of the HB line. I would add both 52 and 56 RTX-3 Tour Satin wedges to complete the wood/iron set. I'm a mallet kind of person, therefore I prefer the Cero Putter to complete my ultimate Cleveland set.
  4. Nick Fritsch - 37 Raleigh NC Distance. While I'm relatively consistent, due to a abbreviated swing, I constantly leave myself with approach shots where I have a 5 iron in my hand, and sometimes a hybrid. This makes it tough for me to score as I'm constantly trying to get up and down around the greens.
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