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  1. I know you're excited. Getting new irons is Christmas Day for us golfers. I got my Hogans in June and still have that "new club" buzz.
  2. Here are the new irons. I played them yesterday and really like them so far.
  3. I want to buy four Lamkin Midsize Z5 grips, but cannot find them anywhere (including Lamkin's web site). I'm thinking they've dropped that model from their line. If so, does anyone know which of their new models closely resembles the Z5 midsize? Thanks!
  4. I'm making a change soon, Shapotomous. I ordered a set of Ben Hogan Edge EX irons with Recoil shafts. They should be in the bag soon. I'll post another photo once they're here.
  5. I just ordered a set of the new EDGE EX irons. All the reviews I've read have been very positive and they are so similar to the Apex Edge Pros I played for years. I thought about waiting for the demo program, but decided to proceed with my purchase. I got the Recoil graphite shafts as my teacher suggested that would really help with my joint pain. Has anyone out there had a chance to try these? If so, please share your thoughts.
  6. Well, I practiced and then played with the Mizunos. They're clearly better for my game. I think it was both the swingweight and the offset of the Mavriks that was hurting my ball striking. I'll probably keep the Mavriks as a back up or see if I can sell them. They're good clubs. They just don't fit my game as well as the JPX 850s. Thanks to all that weighed in on my post.
  7. Thanks so much for your response. You're right, I did re-grip with midsize grips. It probably is a swingweight issue. I'm going to take your advice and head to the range with some spray powder.
  8. They're both steel, but the Mizunos have TT XP 95 R300 while the Callys have KBS MAX 80g Regular.
  9. I have been playing the Mizunos for about six years after a fitting by one of our pros. I like them, but as I age (turned 71 back in January) I decided to try some SGI irons. I found a set of the Mavriks on sale and have be playing them since early April. Save one round of 76 a few weeks ago, I haven't seen much of an improvement. I just cannot seem to get comfortable with the Callaways. They feel heavy to me and my ball striking is not consistent. I thought the SGIs would be easier to play and help with my bad swings. I've practiced a lot with the Callys, and have hit them well at times. However, cannot seem to achieve that same level of consistency on the course. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience while experimenting? I'm going to go back to the Mizunos the next time I play and see if it is, in fact; "the arrow and not the archer". Thanks in advance for any advice you care to share.
  10. I'll have to research Pure grips. I've never heard of them, but I'm always open to something new and different. Thanks for your input.
  11. I had been struggling with fairway metals for quite some time. Most of it was a swing flaw that I've been able to correct. However, some of my recent success is because of the Callaway Mavrik Max 3,5 and 7 I bought a few months ago. I know the Mavriks are on their way out (like the Rogues) because they've dropped the price but I really like them. They've been very forgiving off dormant wet fairways this Winter. I have a Ping G400 driver and was searching for G400 fairways until I tried a friend's Mavrik 3 Metal. I bought both the 3 and 5 the very next day and added the 7 with my Christmas gift card. I'm very happy with their performance.
  12. I too use mid-size grips and wear cadet medium gloves. I just like the feel. Whenever I buy a new club I always have it re-gripped to Golf Pride Tour Wrap Mid-Size. I know they have newer styles now, but I like that the Tour Wraps are very tacky. When they get older I just scrub them with Dawn and an old tooth brush to re-furbish them.
  13. This guy is an enigma to me. It's clear he isn't well liked by fans or other tour players. Also, many think he is really loose with the rules of golf. However, one cannot deny he is very talented and nothing seems to phase him. I think that in the game of golf once someone has been labeled as a cheater it's almost the kiss of death for their career. This does not seem to be the case in most other sports, business and of course politics where disregard for rules and norms is actually sometimes praised. Golfers are held to a higher standard and personal integrity is just as important as a good putting stroke. While I do question Reed's behavior with regard to the rules, I am impressed with his play. Sometimes I actually find myself pulling for him. I felt the same way about Colin Montgomerie for different reasons. No one ever questioned Monty's integrity, but there was a time when many American golf fans clearly pulled against him. The fact that he didn't seem to care impressed me. Maybe it's the same with Reed. I like watching him play simply because everyone else hates him and he just ignores them and keeps winning.
  14. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    Well I just did a ball fitting and it turns out the ProV1 is actually the best ball for me. I'll probably keep playing the AVX until I run out this Winter, but my next purchase will be ProV1s.
  15. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    Thanks for responding. If I run out of AVXs and cannot find any more, I can always go back to the ProV1.
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