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  1. OK I started this thread so I guess I need to clarify. I don't have a problem with people who wear flat front pants or flat bill caps. If you like them then wear them. I have tried flat front pants and they are uncomfortable for me. I've never tried a flat bill cap, but my guess is I wouldn't be comfortable in one either. I know the standards of how people dress for golf have dropped over the years. Cargo shorts, untucked shirt tails and flat bill or backward caps are all acceptable at a lot of public tracks. I'm sure it won't be long before private clubs have to loosen up on dress as well. F
  2. I still have my old Golfcraft persimmon driver I played decades ago. I was told Golfcraft was a clubmaker that was bought by Titleist in the 70s or 80s. Frankly, I'm afraid to try it today fearing it might be damaged. However, I still remember the feeling of my trusty Golfcraft making solid contact with a balata Titleist.
  3. There are a lot of spoiled rich kids at my club. They don't care because Mommy and Daddy will buy them another dozen.
  4. You're probably right, but I find a lot of ProV1s at my club and they go in my bag unless they're scuffed or look like they've been there for awhile. I bought a dozen Wilson balls three years ago because a friend recommended them. Cannot even remember the name but they were not very good around the greens.
  5. Nope. I played my friend's 3W several times during a round, did a little research and went to Dick's that night. It was a gamble for sure, but it worked. I actually bought my Ping G400 driver the same way. It has added about ten yards and is very accurate. I know fittings are great, but I tend to demo and then fit myself.
  6. After struggling with fairway woods off the deck for a couple of years I've found something that works (at least for me). A friend suggested I try his a few weeks ago and the results were amazing. The Mavrik Max fairways have a flat bottom which helps me make better contact off the turf and launch even the 15* very high. If you're inconsistent with your fairways I suggest you get a demo and give the Mavrik Max a try.
  7. I've been struggling with playing a three wood (and sometimes a five wood) off the fairway for several years. I bought a four wood, but still struggled. I started playing my four iron unless my lie was perfect. A couple of weeks ago one of my golf buddies introduced me to the Callaway Mavrik Max. It was amazing. I immediately bought the three and the five. I think the success comes from the fact that the Cally is designed with a flat bottom. I'm a sweeper of my woods and the flat bottom really helps me. If you are a sweeper too I suggest you look for a fairway wood with a flat bottom . I'm sur
  8. While I totally agree that one cannot buy a game, I think one can improve by finding the right equipment for their style of play. I've been struggling with my fairway woods for some time. I even went to higher lofted 3 and 5 woods which helped, but didn't totally solve the problem.. Recently, a friend suggested I try his Callaway Mavrik Max 3 and 5 fairways. The results were quite amazing. I'm a sweeper and the flat bottom of the Mavriks works much better for my swing. I realize what works for me won't necessarily work for some one else. Also, cnosil is correct that getting a proper fitting a
  9. I too am a recovering golf clubaholic. I promised myself 2020 would be different, but to no avail. So far I've bought a new driver and new fairway metals (3 and 5). However, my game is in a pretty good place right now and some of that is due to the new equipment. Here's hoping I'm set for awhile. Having said that, I still go to the equipment threads on all of these golf sites every day.
  10. My Top Ten favorites I've Played: The Old Course (St. Andrews) Pinehurst #2 Oakland Hills Lahinch The Ocean Course (Kiawah) East Lake Quail Hollow Sugarloaf (Atlanta) Linville Golf Club Bay Hill
  11. We just had a family weekend at Lake Lure NC. I didn't even take my clubs, but I played "soccer golf" with two of my granddaughters. We played on the nine hole Donald Ross designed course that' was built nearly 100 years ago. It was in very poor condition, but the layout is amazing. It's only 2925 yards from the tips. However, I'm sure it plays longer due to the elevation changes. I hope to take my sticks the next time and give it a go. I love Donald Ross courses. As I said, it was in very poor shape, but I'm willing to overlook that just to play another Ross design.
  12. I retired almost five years ago. I play a lot of of golf, but there are many others things I enjoy doing like reading, watching movies and working in my yard. I also enjoy spending time with my six grandkids. I worried that I wouldn't be able to adjust, but like a lot of you; I wonder how I found the time to actually work before I retired.
  13. I was having trouble with my three wood off the deck until I tried my friend's Callaway Mavrik Max. I actually hit it better that the Taylormade 2017 M2 three high launch (16.5*). So i bought the three and the five. I've only played twice but my success rate was very high. As we move into cooler weather I'll have more fairway woods into our long par fours. Hopefully, they continue to perform well.
  14. I had to make some changes after trying my friend's new fairway woods. I traded the TM 2017 M2 three and five for Callaway Mavirk Max three and five woods. I also swapped out my Odyssey White Hot Tour #1 putter for an old White Steel #1 I had in my garage. The Mizuno JPX 850 irons, the Ping G400 driver and the Cleveland CG 15 56* are still in the bag (for now).
  15. My issue is occasionally cold topping the shot. Of course, I can usually recover except when there is a forced carry. Also, downhill lies are a problem. I think you're right. "It's not the arrow; it's the archer". I just need to work harder at the range and hit my four iron until I can fix it.
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