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  1. I think you're absolutely right. I've encountered both types and much prefer the second type too.
  2. Seems like a pretty good cross section of answers. Some people don't mind a lot of chatter during a round and others, like me, prefer less talk..I think this is why I enjoy sometimes playing alone. It's hard to do at my club because we have a lot of members for a club with only one eighteen hole course. I guess I'll just have to learn to tune out the talkers when I play. Here's hoping "good shot" or "great birdie" is what they're saying most of the time.
  3. Over the last few weeks our club has gone to the "walk and carry only" rule. During this time I've been playing with some new people. I've found most of them to be very nice, but some are extremely chatty during the round. I'm starting to find it very distracting. I try to be friendly when meeting new people, but sometimes I feel like I'm being interviewed while playing.I used to be a pretty good player and had a single digit handicap for two decades. Now I have to work hard to concentrate on every shot to shoot in the low 80s. Age and injury has taken it's toll, but I still love to play. Mayb
  4. After several rounds I've found my drives tend to go left with the heavier head weight. I'm going back to the 3.5g weight that came in the club. My guess is dropping the head weight by 4.5g will make the swing weight around D1. Now, I promise to stop boring you guys with this because I know you're sick of hearing about it.
  5. I'm still playing golf as our club is open for play if you walk and carry your bag. Our city just went on lock down, but golf is still OK. They are going to close the range and putting green which I don't really understand but that starts tomorrow. I'm kind of a loner so I really don't miss a lot of social contact. I do however, miss seeing my kids and grandkids. I've been watching a lot of TV. Netflix, Prime and the premium channels have been great. I've also enjoyed reading books, magazines and stories of interest on the Internet. I really hate that all sports have been canceled. Spring is
  6. I think I finally settled on a ball to play year round. My "on course" tests show the Titleist Pro-V1X is best all round ball for my game even though I'm a senior player. My question is how different is the newest version (2020) of the "X" from the 2018 version?
  7. Well I finally was able to get my driver weighed. I bought an 8 gram weight from GolfWorks and replaced the stock weight in my M6. The swing weight is D3.8 with the 45" NVS shaft. I've only been able to play twice since I made the change, but I think it's going to work just fine. Once the weather gets warmer and drier, I fully expect to gain maybe ten yards off the tee.
  8. This rule is in affect due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, I used to walk and carry all the time. There were many years where I only had maybe ten rounds out of 100 where i took a cart. Now I usually walk nine and ride nine if it's really hot. Once we get through this pandemic I'll probably continue to walk and carry whenever my body let's me.
  9. Nope. The club rents pull carts, but private carts of any kind are not allowed at any time. I guess they worry that since carts are re-used during the day they cannot be sterilized during this outbreak.
  10. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to continue to play golf during this virus outbreak. Our club currently allows rounds as long as you walk and carry your bag. As a 70 year old senior with arthritis, walking and carrying isn't as easy as it once was. Therefore I have temporarily removed several clubs from my bag to make it lighter. I now carry a driver, a four wood and a seven wood. My irons are a five iron to pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. Also, I have only six balls and a few tees in the pockets. I've found basically removing three clubs helps a lot with the weight so I
  11. Well, I just learned that my NVS shaft weighs 56 grams and the Atmos that came with the club weighs 53 grams. So my guess is the swing weight only dropped a couple of points if any. Just in case I run into problems later, I bought an 8 gram M6 head weight I can use to compensate. Like I said before the club is performing well. I sometimes get way too anal about this kind of stuff. I just need to practice and play rather than tinker.
  12. That's exactly what I did. I bought a M6 about a month ago at Dick's after they reduced the price. it actually looks a lot like the SIM. The fin on the bottom isn't as pronounced, but it is similar. I changed the shaft to an old after market Aldila NVS 55R shaft as I was fitted for that shaft several years ago and still love it. Unfortunately it's been very wet or cold here so I've only played about five rounds with it. However, it's working well so far. I've ordered a heavier weight for the head in case it turns out to be too light because the NVS is 3/4" shorter than the stock shaft.
  13. I've wondered about this issue. It seems like a lot of the "stock" shafts are also "made for" shafts. The Taylor made M6 which is now selling for $350 has a Fuji Atmos Orange shaft. However, the Fuji web site doesn't offer an Atmos Orange and the Atmos Red (or Blue) after market shafts cost about $250. I know a lot of OEMs do offer a variety of name brand shafts, but are they the same quality as the after market version?
  14. I have six. Three from all-time and three currently playing on the regular tour. My all-time favorites are Ben Hogan, Seve Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus. My current favorites are Jason Day, Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy. Who are yours?
  15. This is a good point. My guess is the NVS is heavier. Also, it has a 350 tip. Most shafts now are 335. Anyway unless I have problems in the future I'm not going to worry about it. What's the old saying "if it ain't broke; don't fix it".
  16. I forgot to add that I didn't change the head weight on my M6 when I put in the new shorter shaft. I know making it 3/4" shorter changed the swing weight from D3, but it didn't feel different to me. I know one can buy heavier head weights. Maybe I should do so. I've been told I would need to add 10 more grams to the 3.5 weight that comes in the head. That seems like a lot to me. Is that correct?
  17. Yes, I just bought a Taylormade M6 with a 45.75" Atmos shaft.After several rounds and some work on the range. I replaced the Atmos with an old 45" Aldila NVS. Since doing so my driving has been more consistent and I've gained a few yards due to better contact.
  18. I replaced the 45.75" Atmos shaft with an old 45" NVS and it's really working well. I was in Florida playing last week and the M6 is a little longer and much straighter than my Rogue.
  19. I bought my 12* M6 about a month ago and put an old 45" Aldila NVS 55R shaft in it the first week of February. So far it's working really well. It's longer than the Rogue I was playing and much straighter. Frankly, I thought "twist face" technology was mostly hype, but I was wrong. I've been on vacation in Florida and played several rounds with the M6. I was really amazed that my miss hits seemed to go almost as far as solid strikes. Is anyone else out there gaming the M6? If so, hopefully you're having the same success.
  20. Thanks. I may give it a try the next time I buy balls.
  21. This was my favorite shaft for a number of years. It was the stock shaft in Callaway's FT-1 almost 20 years ago. As I traded up to newer models I used the after market version. I don't know why I got away from it other than the fact that newer shafts were offered in the drivers I bought. Recently, I bought a Taylormade M6, but didn't particularly like the Atmos shaft. On a lark, I found my old NVS in the garage, added a TM adapter and it's really performing well. Who knows if it will last but for now, it's working. Is anyone else still using this shaft or any other old favorite from decades ag
  22. I generally play Titleist Pro-V-1 or Pro-V-1X most of the year, but recently started playing SuperSofts when the temps drop below 55*. Does Titleist make a comparable ball? I found a Titleist Velocity, tried it, but didn't like it. Is the Tour Soft like the SuperSoft?
  23. Hoganman1

    Union Green?

    This is interesting. Obviously, they're trying to reach a different demographic than the normal Titleist player. However, there are so many choices out there now including Vice, Snell and the very popular Kirkland Signature. I'm old enough to remember when Titleist, Maxifli and Top Flight were the leading brands. Ping actually had a ball and I played a Hogan ball at The Old Course in the late 90s. We'll see if Union Green is successful. My guess is they have data that tells them it will.
  24. Hoganman1

    New Chromesoft

    Sorry, but I was "out to lunch" when the QC information on the Chrome Soft was released. Can someone let me know what problems were outlined?I tried a dozen last Summer and didn't like it at all. Maybe I got a bad batch. I do sometimes play the SuperSoft when it's below 55*, but generally play Titleist balls.
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