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  1. I'm trying to get more height from my three wood. It's a Callaway GBB. I kicked up the loft, but I think the 65 gram shaft may be a little heavy for me. I'm 67 and I have some neck issues that have slowed my swing speed to about 85mph. I have a GBB Heavenwood with the 65R ProLaunch set a 20* and it launches OK, but the three wood flight is pretty low.
  2. I have a 60 gram Fujikura Vista Pro shaft in regular flex from an old driver.It's 45" in length. My first question is can I cut it down to 42" to fit my three wood without adding weight? My second question is: I now have a 65R Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue shaft in my three wood. Will the cut down Vistra Pro be light enough to make a difference?
  3. I've been a Pro-V-1 or Pro-V-1X player for years, but I've been trying some new balls this summer. I played the Snell MTB for a couple of months and found it very similar to the Pro-V-1X. Currently, I'm trying the TM TP5X. It seems to be a little longer off the tee and performs pretty well around the greens. My next test will be the TP5. I also plan to try the Callaway Chrome Soft. I'll post again once my "test" is finished.
  4. I played at 6100 yards and I shot 87. I actually scored better on the back nine. My front was 45 and 42 on the back. I doubled 18. My drive was so close to the creek i had to backhand it back into the fairway and then I three putted. The beer wasn't quite as good after that finish.
  5. My buddies and I always pick three players: who we think will win; our sentimental favorite; and our "dark horse". I'm picking Rory to win, Kuch is my sentimental favorite, and John Rahm is my "dark horse". I played Quail about six weeks ago and hitting fairways is a must plus the new greens are treacherous. Having said that someone will probably shoot 61.
  6. Who knows what is going on here. I'm sure there's a good reason (at least in Rory's mind). I am a little surprised at the timing. Rory has two wins at Quail Hollow and the course record. That tells me that JP must have done a good job back then. One would think Rory has a slight advantage going into next week. It just seems like the wrong time to be "breaking in" a new caddie.
  7. Thanks for the welcome posts. I love the fact that we're from all over the map. Getting perspectives from the Midwest and the Pacific Coast is really nice. I hope you all will tune in next week and post your impressions of how we do hosting our first major in Charlotte. I was fortunate enough to play Quail Hollow about six weeks ago and it kicked my butt. That being said someone will probably shoot 61. Like the ad says "These Guys are Good!"
  8. Hello everyone; I'm Hoganman. I just joined a couple of days ago. I'm 67 and have been playing this great game for 50+ years. I live in Charlotte and until our course closed to redo the greens I played at least three times a week. This summer has been kind of a bummer, but I've been able to play at some other clubs off and on. I found this forum while on another golf forum (GEA). I look forward to reading and responding to all the different posts that are here. Until a recent injury I was a single digit player. That coupled with the effects of father time has somewhat diminished my game, b
  9. I've been a Titleist Pro-V1 guy ever since they were introduced, but I've been experimenting of late. I've played the Snell MTB and the Taylormade TP5X so far. I like them both around the greens. Interestingly, even though I'm a senior with a slower swing speed (85+ mph) I've been getting more distance off the tee with the TP5X. I've bought a dozen of the TM TP5s to try next. I also plan on trying the Callaway Chrome Soft and CSX too. Chipping and putting are my strengths so I like a urethane tour type ball. However, as I get older more distance from the tee will help too. My plan is to set
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