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  1. I chose the Forged Tec X because i believe it fits my needs and game the best. I love the topline look of a players irron, but i need the forgiveness of a game jmprovement iron. I think this is the best of both worlds. I also made them 1*weaker to come closer to matching my current set. Adam/Baton Rouge, LA Ping G 19.7 according to SwingU Of course. I'd love to help anyone on the forums.
  2. Congrats @Rickp! I was pumped to finish in the top 10. Thought I had a chance for a minute. Hope you get something cool.
  3. This was a cool contest. Congrats to the winners!
  4. Great reviews! The wedges look beautiful! I'm not in the market for wedges, but these would be at the top of the list if I was.
  5. I agree. I love Wilson Duo. I play the old spin version. But it only spins something like 7% more than the regular Duo. I just found a good deal on them.
  6. I LOVE my Rogue! My bday present this year was a new driver. I was still using a TM 2008 Burner TP. I loved that driver too. But it wasn't cosistent on my mis-hits, of which there are many. I tried all the big brands and hit a lot of golf balls. I went through a fitting, a disappointing one but that's a different story, and the Rogue just felt the best and had the best numbers. The Ping G400 Max was next on the list, but the numbers were always shy of the Rogue. I didn't like the Taylormades M3 or M4. And the Titleist 917 was too short. Since it's been in my bag my driving has vastly improved. I feel confident behind it and I don't have the 1st tee jitters. I can hit my old Burner as far from time to time, but that was only on a perfect hit. The Rogue was probably my best golf club purchase ever.
  7. I was 135 out in the woods. I hit a 4 iron low and threaded it between 2 trees just shy of the had greenside bunker. Not the best shot in the world, but it was one of the rare times when I needed to be exact and was.
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