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  1. Small brands can't afford a lot of Tour presence.
  2. I had that for the first 3 months or so on my Edel and while it felt great, and was really comfortable, I had issues with getting my hands in the exact same position every time. The angles of a conventional grip make it easier to set the grip in the same place so it's not slightly open or closed, plus the lettering and the designs allow you to grip in the same place up and down the grip. I had to switch to a superstroke. Anyone tried a cork grip? I feel like you'd get good feedback from them and quite fancy trying. Wondering if it would improve my distance control. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Rano

    Evnroll vs Edel

    I've never played a round with EVNROLL but I have tested them out and I wasn't overwhelmed by them. Actually I was a bit disappointed that they didn't wow me since the reviews on MGS were so good. I am also extremely sceptical about the claim that the ball curves back on-line. Has this ever been tested? I went for Edel instead in the end and did my fitting in December. I like the putter and have played well with it this year, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the fitting. I'd watched a few videos on youtube, and I only seemed to go through half of what the people in the videos did. I also thought the choice of weight would be a bit more scientific than just "do you like that or would you like it to be heavier?". In the end it was during a SAM Puttlab session that I learnt a bit more about the weighting and was then recommended to get a heavier headweight.* *If you live outside of the US (I'm in Switzerland) then you should definitely get the weight kit when you order the putter because the shipping costs on the Edel website were absolutely ridiculous. Over 100 USD, and when I emailed Edel about it i never got a response. Luckily i found some on eBay.
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