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  1. Clay, Idaho 35 / 19 HDCP Cobra F7 Single Lengths =1/2 inch over standard with two wraps under bottom hand.
  2. You are correct I'm actually a volunteer there this year pulling club house security, took the week off work just to go hang out and make sure people have the correct passes to enter the club house not a bad gig in mid September. It used to be a nothing tournament then they moved it to the end of the season and its big money and brings in a lot of tour pros trying to keep their PGA card, or re-earn it.
  3. I played Jug back in '09 it was October rainy and miserable. I had also just started playing golf and it was honestly too much course for me. I have a trip scheduled with my normal group on August 11th to play there again, that's why I've taken some time off to heal the shoulder I want to be in what I take to be my prime for the course. There are some amazing courses around Boise you should make the trip to play sometime, in the valley Falcon Crest, Shadow Valley, Banbury, Redhawk, and Quail Hollow are must play, and if you can get CC reciprocity or find a sponsor Hill Crest and Crane Creek country clubs are worth playing or so I hear.
  4. Thank you everyone for reminding me exactly why my shot has been sucking after a few weeks off recovering, Now I'll have a few renewed swing thoughts today at the range.
  5. I almost always ground everything but my putter, I hover my putter and wedges for some reason. If I really start to have issues off the tee I will Hover my driver and for some reason this will help, but if I start the round hovering off the tee I'll never recover.
  6. I almost always tee up on the whites, I used to go back to the blues or the blacks, and what I noticed is I would get frustrated, I would lose balls in places I never should and I would just go home pissed. Last year at the beginning of our season I decided I would play the right tees all the time and while I have slipped from that a few times due to groups or other issues I noticed I had more fun I play better the shots aren't as intimidating and I don't lose nearly as many balls. I also broke 100 last year for the first time all because I tee'd it forward, breaking 100 was a goal for the first 5 years I played and I'm doing it regularly now and that makes me happy, which makes golf easier.
  7. The Guy I play with every week is this way. We love playing together similar handicap similar shot shape, and together we can tear through a course walking in record time. That being said I shoot a lot better and so does he when we don't play together, last year I noticed a 4-5 shot difference when I don't play a round with him, unfortunately this year I have played almost all my rounds with him and my Handicap is suffering as a result.
  8. Clay / Idaho Odyssey white Hot #7H 34 inches Odyssey O-Works #7S in either color or the Two ball in red.
  9. I've been sneaking around for a bit and finally decided I should join up. I'm not a great golfer (20-25 handicap) but love the game and love the challenge. I'm slowly getting better every year. This year I might not reduce that handicap as I injured my shoulder and have been recovering for over a month, still can't get a full swing in.
  10. Welcome to the forums Pepticyeti :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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