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  2. Used to watch both but then found GolfVlogsUK, the Average Golfer, TXG, Golf Sidekick and Mike Newton. That's a good blend of tech, comedy, course vlog, course management and club testing. Matt from Golf Sidekick has probably helped my game more than anyone by helping me think my way around the course better. He's also entertaining and right to the point, no fluff.
  3. I'm seriously thinking about getting a set of those Wilson Staff blades when they release in left handed later in the year. I saw a review from Mike Newton a couple of months ago and he raved about them. I still practice with my Dad's old Staff Fluid Feel blades from the 80's and hit them well down to about the 5 iron. I use hybrids below 6 in my regular set already because I hit them much higher and softer with my 95 mph driver SS. I'm thinking to game a 6-PW set and play some blades while I still can.
  4. I thought the coverage was very good on Fox but I did miss Jim Nance and Amanda Balionis with her positivity. I like Nick Faldo too but wish he was a bit more salty ala Johnny Miller.
  5. I watched Bubba warm up at the Canadian Open a couple of weeks ago. He was hitting to a green maybe 175 away. 4 shots, one after the other, high fade, high draw, low fade, low draw and all hit the green. Fade or draw probably isn't the right word because each ball moved laterally at least 25 yards. It was incredible. He never hit the same shot twice in a row.
  6. Tim/Windsor, Ontario, Canada Currently using GPS via MyRoundPro on the phone and no rangefinder.
  7. I'm thinking about getting custom fitted for the first time but keep delaying for a couple of reasons. I keep discovering things about my swing and making small changes here and there and worry it'll affect my club preferences down the road. The other reason is I hit my current 2 sets of clubs well, very straight and the expected distances for my swing speed, and wonder if fitted clubs will make any difference at all to my game. My Adams A12OS clubs I bought new off the rack and picked up a set of Wilson Di-7's used last winter that I regripped. They are in great shape and fly lower and a bit longer than my A12's. I need to get out and hit some different clubs and see how they feel. Demo days are non-existant around here in Windsor Ontario. I might have to hop across the border and see what I can find.
  8. If you like the look and they have the bounce/loft options you are looking for then go for it. If possible hit them first of course. Lots of guys have an unholy alliance to one brand or club or the other but I've played any cheap or used wedge I could get my hands on for years including a set of Tom Watson wedges I picked up for 3 for $CDN69 brand new a few years ago. They hit as good as anything else, spun and held greens like I'd expect them too and the only downside was they did feel a bit on the harsh side.
  9. I have some shafts lying around that I'd like to attach some clubheads too this winter. Hopefully they are available in lef....
  10. I've always like the LPGA and the level of golf it provides because it's more relateable to me and my swing speed and abilities, even as a younger golfer. I remember going to the Women's Open at St. George's in Toronto back in the 80's and following up and coming "youngsters" like Julie Inkster and Jan Stephenson. They hit the same clubs from the same distances as me and drove the ball about the same. it's very much an international tour which is great for the game in general.
  11. If you're 5'10" with LeBron's 7 foot wingspan you're probably too busy working in the circus to have time for golf
  12. If I had to choose between the two options, club fitting or lessons, I'd choose lessons all day long. I'm not a big believer that getting fitted is a big benefit for most high handicappers. If you can figure out your driver swing speed and work back from there to get an idea of your shaft stiffness, I'd say just buy a good quality set of game improvement clubs and spend your money on lessons and at the driving range putting those lessons into practice. This is especially true if you are a "standard size" fella, say 5'8-6' tall, which covers the majority of us. Of course if you are 5'2 or 6'6" off the rack might be radically unsuited to you. In my experience most high handicappers suffer from two basic shortcomings. They don't practice enough or at all, and they don't work on their swing via lessons or self taught. They just show up to the course and swing away and generally, just hitting balls is a chore and forget about warming up with more than a few chips and a half dozen putts.
  13. I weighed 240 at one time in my early 40's. Now I'm 57 and weigh 175. I've learned a lot in that time, way too much to write here. My best piece of advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to learn to count your calories. I've used MyFitnessPal in the past and it works. It's a constant reminder of how much you are eating and keeps you on your toes. You can't lose weight unless calories in So buy a kitchen scale and get to measuring when you eat or cook. Record your recipes for later repeated use. Learn how to use the app and track down your favourite foods. It's very simple and gets easier as time goes by. Good luck!!
  14. If they put a cheerleader in his place golf will be a lot more boring to watch. You need someone there who doesn't pull punches to counterbalance all the rah rah rah stuff and constant fawning over how great the pros are. They are great and we all know that but Johnny has glimpsed a level of golf most of us will never see and his no holds barred insights are very refreshing in this day and age.
  15. $ 450 - Callaway X2Hot 1-3-5 Wood (New) $ 150 - Cleveland 588 RTX 52-56-60 Wedges (used but like new) only have room for 2 in the bag. $ 299 - Adams A12OS 4-6Hybrid 7-GW (New) $ 50 - Odyssey Metal X 1 putter (used) $ 30 - Mizuno Bag (used) $CDN 979
  16. Top 6 =/= victory. Pretty much all of the legends had top tens in major's into or even well into their 40's. But victories are very rare once you cross that 40 threshold. I'd guess 15 or 20 in the last 50 or 60 years have won at Tiger's age or older. That would be 1 in 10 or 15 majors or one every 3 or 4 years. Fields are much deeper these days as well. Tiger has chance no doubt, he is second GOAT, but the odds are stacked against him.
  17. The mid-round slump. I'm typically getting off to a fast start these days, often at or around par after 5 or 6 holes, then 5 or 6 over on the next 5 or 6 holes and finishing another 3 or 4 over for the rest of the round. I was finally able to change the pattern a little the last time out and I know it's all in my head so I'm hoping I've turned a corner.
  18. I practice once or twice a week and play once a week most of the season, but a few times a year manage to squeeze in a few extra rounds on a small golf trip or vacation. I'm still in the process of rebuilding my swing so I tend to run through my bag to ensure any changes I've made are working with all the clubs. Not every club but typically Driver, fairway wood off the turf, 1 hybrid, 1 mid-iron, 1 short iron and then my 56 for different shots from 30-85 yards. Lots of chipping and putting but we don't have a really good practice facility in one spot in this area to get in a variety of shots to a variety of green conditions. One course has a good sized practice green but no flat spots on it at all so you are either putting up, down or sidehill and the green is elevated for the most part. On another course that has a range it's a good sized green but either dead flat or with a hump in the middle, something you never actually see on course here. Finding a bunker to practice out of that launches onto a green is nigh on impossible.
  19. I clean my grips every two or three rounds with warm soap and water, rinse with warm water thoroughly and dry with an old towel. On the course I've taken to carrying two golf towels, one of which I soak for wiping my grips, especially the driver that gets used a lot. Most rounds I am not rushing to keep up to anyone so I wipe down all my grips on every shot. I play in hot and humid conditions most of the summer here in Windsor and dry and dusty conditions in Calgary for a few weeks most summers. I feel much more confident with sticky grips so I've become pretty steadfast about keeping them clean and grippy.
  20. You're only pointing out the obvious. We all know why the cameras are on Tiger and that is where the money is but as more diehard golf fans we'd like to see more golf and less celebrity/history.
  21. Although I don't have any animosity towards the media or the fans that worship Tiger, I do relish the day, a year or two from now hopefully, when they finally realize that Tiger isn't going to win another major anytime soon and he becomes more of a side dish than the main event at every single tournament. It might be great for golf if he does win a major but horrible for golf coverage if he does IMO. If he wins one at any time in the next few years it'll be non-stop Tiger coverage at every tournament even worse than it is now. In truth I'd love to see Bryson begin to dominate the tour if only because, by far, he is the one carving his own path through the golf world and doing it his own way.
  22. Low scores just weren't there on Sunday though. The greens weren't holding as well, the wind kicked up, pins were in tight etc. It wasn't a course for attacking it was a course for staying out of trouble, taking what each tee shot gave you to work with, avoiding the bogeys and taking the odd birdie as it happened. Personally, as a lifelong golfer and golf fan, I realize it's not always possible for someone to "charge" to victory and I've learned to enjoy watching a golfer do what has to be done to win. I find a professional managing his or her game and working with the course is as much a part of championship golf as someone who charges through the field to win. Sometimes you get one, sometimes you get the other, but both are part of golf and both champions are the best player over that four days because style doesn't count, only the scorecards. Francesco is on a ball striking roll in his last two victories I've rarely seen in golf. He might never win again and that's fine, but over these last couple of tournaments he's been the best player in the world.
  23. For me the best thing about Molinari winning is that an ordinary looking guy (not a gym rat) with a good all around game can still win majors by outlasting the so-called "superstars" of the sport with steady play. He proves once again that you don't need flash to win and that tournaments are played over 72 holes and they all count the same. While I appreciate the games of Spieth and Woods and Rory etc., I find the level of hype in golf broadcasting to be increasingly irritating. How many times have we heard, "Oh player X is so good at this or that aspect of the game" only to watch them muff a shot or end up 20 feet from the flag. It reminds me of watching U.S. hockey broadcasts which are ruined by the constant hyping of player talents as if they are somehow above the game. In golf, like hockey, players are better because they are statistically better. They win more because they are 5% better at this or 10% better at that, not because there is a single aspect of their game that always works which is the way they tend to portray it.
  24. Molinari went bogey free in a major on the weekend. If that was Tiger or Jordan or Rory the accolades would never stop and the media would by talking about it for years to come. Molinari won that tournament on his own merits by being better than everyone else in the field on the weekend. He didn't get hyped by the media because his only backstory is he's Italian.
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