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  1. Hey guys sorry I missed the draft and thanks auto-draft for getting me a decent squad. I just got home after spending the day driving down to the Keys to close up the shutters our house down in Duck Key. It was literally bumper to bumper for hours getting out. Now I get to close the shutters at home, bring everything inside, pack up whatever the wife says we need, drive to Orlando for a day and then hop on a plane getting out of dodge for while Irma makes her way to Florida. It's going to be a fun couple of days and apparently I'm not allowed to bring any clubs because "there won't be enough room because they take up to much space" [emoji23] [emoji24] [emoji37] [emoji37] So I have no idea next time I'm going to get to swing a club but at least my draft was done [emoji1]
  2. In south FL temps and humidity can get ridiculously high this time of year. For the first time ever I experienced heat stroke. The "feels like" was 109 that day. I'm just over 40, I am. In good shape and drink plenty of fluids, I know to be safe. Buy it came quickly and rocked me hard. One of the hardest things I had to do was pick my ball up and drive back to the clubhouse. It took me almost 2 days to fully recover. So take care out there it really can come on strong and hit you hard.
  3. Not that bad overall, decent RB and WR corp, biggest issue is they you are really Cincinnati heavy. But you do have potential for 1 or 2 sleepers, Mixon is really a good back and would have been top 10 if he didn't punch that woman in the face.
  4. Very nice, are you tearing up the grass? What kind of grass is that?
  5. Interesting thread to say the least, but mostly I find it interesting that pricing is what everyone comes back to. I think something that probably is ignored and over looked way to much is intimidation and lack of knowledge. I have a buddy that is a decent athlete and likes playing but he just started out. He got his first set off the shelf just to see if he'd stick with it and he's a bigger than average guy 6'2 ~225lb. I told him the other week it's time for him to step up and get a new decent set of clubs and go get fitted. After dancing around it and putting it off his wife asked me for golf ideas for his bday and I quickly set he needs new clubs and get him that, she did and got him a GC to golf galaxy. After his bday I asked when he was going in and he kept putting it off. Ive known the guy a long time and tell he was stalling and it bothered him (normally he's really good about this stuff) so I asked him jokingly "what are you scared to go and show them your swing". I could tell right away that was exactly the issue. Being the good friend I was I told him I'd go with him. We went and he did great and got a new set up Callaways and is playing a lot better now. Long story short, he was just intimidated about the experience because his swing isn't that great and didn't think getting fit would really help. But he's a lot happier now he did.
  6. Removing grips (without cutting them) that were installed using the traditional method of solvent and tape i.e. clubs with factory installed grips.
  7. Is there an easy way to do this or any tips/tricks that can make it easier?
  8. Great write up and sounds like it was a lot of fun and you're walking away confident you got the right clubs. I'm jealous, I wish I had an experience like that and pretty cool that your girlfriend got that for you.
  9. Golftec definitely has all the latest and greatest technology, I looked at them for lessons but there were two main reasons I chose not to. 1) I didn't want to hit into a net or off a mat 2) I talked to 2 of the guys, first one was just starting out and wanted someone more experience, second guy I just didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling, it felt like I was more interested then he was. As someone that has been looking for a quality instructor, I'd strongly suggest you just have a 5 min conversation with them before you sign up. I think personality is almost as important as ability.
  10. I most always get put with people that are nice and most always have fun. But down here it's a common thing to get paired with tourists and usually they are looking to have a good time. I have only had one nightmare round, it was an older couple. The woman would line up addressing the ball facing the opposite direction she wanted to hit, then turn walk around 180 degrees facing the pin and proceed to hit. She would take practice swings facing both ways. At first it was comical but grew old REAL fast. At the turn I happen to see the ranger, a guy I've talked with a bunch and is super nice, knows how to do his job and is super easy going and mentioned it to him. A hole or two later he drives up to me laughing saying he's never seen anything like it. He asked the couple to pick the pace up as we were playing slow. I'll just say it went down hill from there fast as they didn't take his comments well. It was that round I really understand playing with the wrong people can really take you out of your grove and make for a rough 4 or 5 hrs. The cool thing was he did give me a 9 hole rain check and apologized.
  11. I understand that the pure grips install tool makes it easier putting grips on, does it help getting them off any easier?
  12. Not sure if someone addressed this earlier but thought I'd put it out there and get some feedback. I went to one of my favorite course as a single on Sunday morning. I got paired up with 2 nice guys, I'll also say the course I was playing had full tee sheet until about 11:30. We roll up to the first tee and they ask me where I play from, I said the whites and they say they play from the tips. I let them know there's no way I can do that so they quickly suggest the blues and I agree. The blues were still a stretch from me, means a 5 ot 6 vs a 6, 7 or 8 iron. Right on the first tee it was apparent I was much better than them and almost longer, I'm only 215 - 230 off the tee. I suggested on the 4th hole we try the whites (it was a 420 par 4) they laughed it off as joke so I quickly did as well. After that hole I seriously considered just playing from the whites and having more fun. So that brings me to my question, would it have been wrong to have just said I'm doing it and play from the whites? I know playing from 2 sets of tees slow the round down and it was a crowded fast moving course. We were the slow group out there and I didn't want to screw over everyone behind us but it was just a huge struggle last round and wasn't having the fun I wanted. I'm looking for any type feedback if that's just how it goes and I need to deal or if should have done anything else? Unfortunately this is not the first time I've experienced this type of situation.
  13. Any updates on what's going in with this? It seems we might have enough people for 2 leagues?
  14. David, Florida Callaway Apex/UST Recoil F4 Stiff Yes 150/155 yrds
  15. My brother lives up that way aswell and has his two boys going there for lessons (I think they go with one of the lower instructors) and from what he has only had great things to say about the whole program. I think you would have a tough time finding better instructors (unless it's a personality/philosophy type thing).
  16. I'm on the other coast, Broward/Ft. Lauderdale area
  17. It was hot one is south florida add that to 3 or 4 stoppages for rain made me work for everything today. I just couldn't get off the tee, was all over the place. My long irons were inconsistent but I was my short game and putting was lights out and saved my day. Ended up 42 and 44 and that's with two triples. One of my best days putting in a long time, only one 3 putt all day.
  18. Just out of curiosity, how did you decide on taking lessons where you did? I've pretty much decided I need them as well, just have to figure out with who and where.
  19. I have seen that too but I thought they were only doing it when the player was using the driver or putting the ball in a tee. If that's the case I can understand that a bit more than doing it in every shot. I can only speculate but I'd have to take a guess that it's more like a team building/bonding type thing? Maybe help keeping the loose or something?
  20. Why didn't you just go sockless or wear your golf shoes? I think it would have draw less attention, perhaps? But I will say I have taken the trash out a few times in socks and flip flops and felt like I crossed a Dad line I can never go back from.
  21. Glove always goes in left front pocket, 1 long tee and 1 short tee in right pocket. Big coin and small in right pocket (big for long putt, small for short), head always faces up to cup. Always wipe wedges with towel after every shot. Readjust glove before every tee shot. wow, I never really realized all the kooky stuff I do until I actually started typing it all out [emoji85]
  22. Have you tried the e6 soft? I played that a few rounds and felt I could get some decent spin from my wedges and short irons around the green. Not sure about shaping it off the tee, but maybe that might be the happy medium you're looking for?
  23. I never thought I'd end playing then, but I'm now playing the Top Flight Gamer Tour (I still think rock flight every time I see them). I went through and tried a number of balls each for a round or two (e6 soft, project a, hexsoft even the pro v1) and for me the Gamer gave me the best combination of distance, feel and spin. I prefer a solid, almost hard feel off the tee and a soft solid but not spongy feel with short irons and wedges. I haven't ripped the urethane cover with a wedge but after a round it does start to show a little wear. I did play the Gamer (non tour) and Gamer soft and I definitely got more distance. The regular Gamer gave me almost 10 to 15 yrds more consistently. Problem was I couldn't get the spin with wedges and short irons I needed. Best part, I was at galaxy golf last week and saw they had them on sale/clearance and were only $10 a dozen! So I'm pretty much set for awhile now. Sent via Pony Express
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