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  1. Handicaps, as we all know, are adjusted based on which tees are played. At my club, we have a group of up to 20 or so guys (sometimes gals) that play. All skill levels are represented. We do not use handicap strokes, so we're all playing from "scratch". To help even out the field, we allow people to select tees according to their ages...older, up front and younger, farther back. The better golfers usually take the skins, and the older golfers usually win closest to the hole on par 3s. Not perfect, but it works.
  2. Here's my take. Most, if not all golfers would benefit from lighter and more limber shafts. The objective is to keep the ball in play and in good position for the next shot. I don't chase distance anymore. I'd recommend spending time on finding good wedges and a well-fitted putter. Games are won or lost from 100 yards in, not off the tee.
  3. Ping G400 9⁰ driver, Taylormade 11.5⁰ mini driver, Titleist Tsi 18⁰ seven wood, Taylormade SLDR 22⁰ hybrid, Callaway Apex DCB irons, Cleveland Razor wedges, Sub70 armlock putter, Callaway erc ball.
  4. Get fitted. Use a putting mirror aid for short putt training. Visualize the line, and follow through on all putts. Make sure you know your ideal ball set up. Put a tee on the ground on the putting green on a straight, flat 10 foot putt. Without looking up, hit 10 putts. Where do they go? Left of the line, right of the line? If they tend to go left or right, then reposition the ball in your setup to adjust for your visual imperfection. It works. And other comments here about the process and not the outcome are spot on. Lots of good putts just don't go in.
  5. I use an 18⁰ Titleist TSi. Sort of 7 woodish. Hit it straight and high. Have hit it 240 yds., but usually in the 225 yd. range. My hybrid is a 22⁰ Taylormade SLDR. I hit it lower and usually with a slight draw. Hit it in the 185-200 yd. range. I'm a 9 handicap, 74 years old. Play Callaway Apex DCB irons, ping G400 driver, Cleveland Razor wedges. The TSi is my go to club. Love it.
  6. Scott Louisiana Callaway Apex Tour Forged Dynamic Gold Stiff Not custom 7 iron carry distance 155 Sent from my SM-N910V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Scott Louisiana Callaway Apex Tour 16 Forged Sent from my SM-N910V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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