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  1. Interesting......info about it calculating swing speed.. I have a couple of iterations of uninstalling and installing the software all with similar results. I am including a pic of my results just taken the other night. I have forwarded this and several like it to SKYTRAK. I think this shows some odd swing speeds in relation to ball speeds.....VERY inconsistent. Jeff
  2. working with company now by sending pics of my setup and screenshots of some of my results. Hope they get it resolved. I am afraid I will send it in to be checked out and they will say it looks fine. In fairness to them I will let everyone know what happens and how they handle it.
  3. I think the ball flight is pretty spot on......no real issues with that. The wrong yardages make the WGT simulator experience painful and I did not enjoy it or get my money's worth. However, some of the accuracy things like closest to the pin and a coupl eof others were fun to do and have helped my game.
  4. I am in the process now of taking some pics of my SKYTRAK setup and giving them some sample readings. I plan to give them 5-10 readings from 7-LW. I think I know enough about it to be "dangerous" but something just doesn't jive on the swing speeds between different clubs and the ball speed in relation to club speed given the quality of the hits.
  5. MIke, I recently joined this site and enjoyed reading your review. I posted a question in the gadgets,training aid forum about skytrak. I have had one about a year and have not felt totally comfortable with a lot of their numbers. Specifically cluhead spped vs ball speed and smash factor. If you get a second please take a look at my post and let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Appreciate you, Jeff
  6. Hey, Just an old guy that loves just about anything to do with golf. I bought a SKYTRAK last year and have used it a lot but I do have some concerns and questions. My first post in the training and gadget section deals with some of these. I look forward to reading and contributing on this site. Jeff
  7. Hello, I bought a Skytrak last year and have absolutely loved using it. However, I am a little skeptical on some of the numbers. I have played for over 40 years and have been as low as a 3hdcp and am currently an 8-10. I am pretty confident on my club yardages and I think I am well above average in overall golf knowledge. My yearly SKYTRAK subscription is about up but before I sign up for another year I think I may need my unit recalibrated but before I do that I have a couple of questions for other knowledgeable golfers. 1. Is it possible for Ball Speed to be less than club head speed on a pretty solid strike? I don't see how except maybe if the contact was fat or way off center of the face and I am not even sure at that point? A related concern is a negative smash factor. 2. Over the past year my readings have been somewhat inconsistent with swing speeds and such. Swing speed normally increases as you add length to the club and I haven't always seen that to be the case with my SKYTRAK. 3. Anyone else have a SKYTRAK and have any similar concerns. Thanks so much, Eljay327
  8. Welcome to the forums Eljay327 :)


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