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  1. In that case he may could have indicated he moved the ball inadvertently when he marked it and then would be able to replace it.
  2. Only if the sprinkler head itself interferes with the golfers stance or swing. So I take this to mean if you are standing on the sprinkler head then there is relief. If your swing will hit the sprinkler head on the backswing or the follow through there is relief. If not play it as it lies.
  3. Don't you have to abandon your provisional if you find your original ball in the red penalty area???
  4. You can repair it off the green if the pitch mark was made after your ball has come to rest.
  5. Pick the spot it went into the penalty area. Draw a line from that spot to the pin and go back on that line as far as you want. (With your example it would be back in the fairway.)
  6. The first thing to do is make sure the head is not coming off the shaft. Take the head and put it between your feet. Grip the butt of the shaft and twist. Give it a good go. If it's loose you will know immediately.
  7. A swing is a swing but not necessarily a "stroke". You have to intentionally swing at the ball to have made a stroke. Then it counts.
  8. Dennis – Florida 12.3 index – 83mph Ping G400Max 10.5 G410 Plus
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