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  1. Hi there, hope this is the right place to ask this. I purchased several dozen srixon soft feel balls, and find different markings. Some just had soft feel printed on the side, some had soft feel outlined with black. My google-fu has left the building, and I'm trying to identify the year of manufacture by the markings. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. One of the guys on my regular Tuesday 4 some is afflicted with the "I don't want to hit, because if I happen to catch it just right I might hit them" disease. Of course he never does catch it just right.
  3. That formula worked well for me when I was playing 18 hole golf courses. Here in the Villages all we ever play are the multitude of executive courses, and we all play the gold tees. Par 4s are generally under 400 yds, the par 3s usually no longer then 160. I'm sure there are folks here who play the longer tees, I just haven't run into them yet. FWIW, the longest club I carry is a 20* 5 wood.
  4. There's a VA clinic in Horsham that's fine for routine things like bloodwork and minor issues, however I'd avoid the hospital in Philly like the plague. H
  5. Since moving to Florida I've noticed a huge difference in the VA care here vs. in Philly. Quite an improvement in the quality and timeliness of care. They get a double thumbs up from me.
  6. I have a set (5-pw) of Miura PP-9003 forged cavity back irons in very good condition available. They have Accra senior flex shafts and Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips. $325 shipped to CONUS, or make me a reasonable offer. Available for pick up in TV, Florida
  7. Back after a long hiatus, life happens. Lost my wife, remarried and at 75 relocated from Bucks County PA to The Villages in Central Florida in April. Playing 2-3 times a week on the executive courses (excourse) and still using the set of Wishon 730CL's that funkyjudge built for me at the end of 2012. I've dallied with several different set ups since then, but no clubs perform better than the 730CLs for my particular lack of talent. Currently using an Odessey Stroke Lab V-line CS putter and Srixon (yellow) soft feel balls.
  8. Right hand, 34-35" Odyssey Stroke Lab CS V line putter wanted. Prefer the pistol grip, thanks!
  9. Ping bag, clubs from Tom Wishon (built by member "funkyjudge") with an Odyssey Stroke Lab putter.
  10. One of the best finals of the year imo. Nellie and Lydia competing for the gold was compelling golf.
  11. Thanks my friend. Hope we can get out soon.
  12. My apologies if this duplicates an existing thread, and if so I'd request a mod to integrate them. Thanks I was looking for a 24* hybrid in senior flex and after virtually comparing several decided on the Mav Max 24* from Callaway Preowned, the currently sale is damn tempting. With my main goals being first distance and second accuracy, was this my best choice? Yes, best choice would be go to a fitter yada yada yada. Only asking about the club and whether or not it's the best option for my stated goals. Thanks!
  13. As others have said, it's personal preference. I personally cannot use any type of line on the ball without getting myself all screwed up. Picking a spot a few inches in front if the ball as my aim point has served me well, since I consider putting to be the strongest part of my admittedly anemic game.
  14. If your looking for a little humor to go along with your golf tips, I highly recommend that you check out "Manoloteachesgolf" on IG. Funny guy in an unfunny world.
  15. My wife is on bed rest for a heart condition, so I'm the designated shopper. While out today I stopped at a thrift store and found a new BAT stand up putter for $2.00. Lol I personally don't like the feel, however that alignment aid works!
  16. Never got the email. We live in an app driven world now, I find this step backwards very disappointing.
  17. The app hasn't worked in 2 days for me, even after dating and reinstalling it. Am I the only one?
  18. Done yesterday, waiting for the blue ink.
  19. I use the app on my phone 100% of the time. Very fast network, very fast phone however the site loads so slooowly. Any way to speed this puppy up?
  20. Turning the popularity of golf over to the social media mob is ridiculous. Players like Arnie, Jack Tiger and Phil always made extra money thru endorsements and pay to play arrangements at occasional tournaments. The market place will balance itself. This is an incredibly poor decision by the PGA imo.
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