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    bogey_vols reacted to GolfSpy MPR in Talk to me, Goose! What’s gonna be YOUR ball for 2019???   
    Got a nice deal on 100 used Srixon Q-Star Tours on eBay ($65) a couple months back. Read reviews, and it should be a ball quite suited to my skill and game.
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    bogey_vols reacted to Brian A in Free golf balls   
    Free golf balls are always the best balls!
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    bogey_vols reacted to DaJoeyNJ in Free golf balls   
    I am a heating and cooling tech and as I do Maintenance on my clients homes inevitably if I see golf clubs, we'll start talking golf.  I have one that gives me large freezer bags full of mint ProV1 and another that tips me his corporate logo Pro V1 and TP5. 
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    bogey_vols reacted to PMookie in Memphis courses?   
    I played Stonebridge today. I realized I played there last year when I drove-up. I had only played the front last year, so it was pretty funny when they told me to go off the back because they were closing the front. I played about 15 full holes. I enjoy that course. Fun track!

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    bogey_vols reacted to BigtazzGolf in Memphis courses?   
    Probably the best practice area that's open to the public in the area.
    If it wasn't such a pain getting to it I'd be there often just to practice lol

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    bogey_vols got a reaction from BigtazzGolf in Memphis courses?   
    I highly recommend Mirimichi, you wont be disappointed.
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    bogey_vols got a reaction from PMookie in Memphis courses?   
    I highly recommend Mirimichi, you wont be disappointed.
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    bogey_vols reacted to gaussman1 in Membership refused   
    Something is definitely going on at this club. Most private clubs would never have you just drop off an app to begin with, as soon as you asked for one you would be met by a membership director and given the royal treatment, set up a tour of the course and facilities, lunch w a member and GM etc. If they're just handing out applications then saying never mind you probably don't want to mess with such an outfit. If they can't get the basics right what else is wrong behind the scenes?

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    bogey_vols reacted to silver & black in Membership refused   
    I've said many times..... this is why golf has the reputation of being elitist and stuffy.
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    bogey_vols reacted to tony@CIC in Membership refused   
    Sorry to hear - and the turn down by text is so tacky. Based on the way they handled it  - it's probably a club you don't want to belong to. 
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    bogey_vols reacted to gaussman1 in Membership refused   
    That is..... odd. I would maybe call back and ask to speak to the general manager. At least confirm that what you were told is accurate

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    bogey_vols reacted to Kenny B in Gary Player signs deal with PXG??   
    I'm retired and I can't afford PXG.  😧
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    bogey_vols reacted to Just another lefty in Memphis courses?   
    Hi @PMookie,
    I haven't played it yet but I'm told by the locals that Spring Creek is about the best around here.
    TPC Southwind would be next up. I've only played it once so far but it really is a great course. They handle all of the rain around here in the spring a lot better (lots of drainage $$$ spent) so less ball plugging, etc.
    Ridgeway CC is also great, played it twice and it's a great experience, well kept and challenging.
    I'm a member at Windyke CC (basically across the street from Southwind). It'll be pretty wet Monday from all the rain this weekend but should dry out OK by Tuesday or Wednesday. You're welcome to come join me either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon if you'd like if you don't mind playing with someone still working off the winter rust.
    @BigtazzGolf has lived around here longer, maybe he can chime in?
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    bogey_vols reacted to fixyurdivot in New Wilson Staff Tour Ball   
    You have equipment rep's dropping off freebie's to your house?  Well played!  I like the name "professional" and that it can also serve as an alignment stripe.  They list them as the Duo and with a 60 compression.  
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    bogey_vols reacted to PMookie in Had fitting today - but confused about what to do. Help!   
    One thing to remember is at Club Champion you PAID FOR THE FITTING. Now, you get all of your information, and you buy the clubs elsewhere for a LOT less. They make money on the clubs, and then even MORE on the “build”.
    Make sure to communicate as Joe has said so the fitter knows what he’s looking at and how best to help you.
    I’ve been to CC three times and each time I told them up-front I’m not buying the clubs through them. Once they fitted me to a shaft and said it would cost me $400. Nah. I can get that shaft a LOT cheaper elsewhere, and did. They wanted $350 for an Oban Devotion. I got it brand new at Dallas golf, with the adapter, cut to my length, for $190.....
    Anyway, take the specs they give you and buy elsewhere. You’ll save a TON of money!!!

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    bogey_vols reacted to bens197 in Had fitting today - but confused about what to do. Help!   
    Good on you for walking away. You’ll always second guess your purchase if you pull the trigger at the expense of a pushy salesman.

    Set a realistic goal. A $400 driver shaft upgrade isn’t likely going to make much of a difference in your game.

    There’s a lot of loyal Srixon guys here who can give you feedback if you’d like. At the end of the day, get what you want. Good luck.

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    bogey_vols reacted to Shankster in 100 push ups a day   
    Keep it up gents.

    Day 5 done for me.

    A few more people jumping in than I thought.
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    bogey_vols reacted to poprocksncoke in 100 push ups a day   
    Wow, I dont think I could eat that many in one day!!

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    bogey_vols reacted to Sluggo42 in Grips... get a grip   
    So I’ve done a few searches but can’t seem to find a thread or category for grips.. so if there is one, please give me directions! Thanks 
    with that, I put a MCC Plus 4 “Align” on my 6 iron and just got back from the range. I liked it a lot. No problems like blocks or fades. Only thing that was hard was getting the alignment “spine” straight during installation.
    anyways it seemed like I could knock the ball well, and I think it’ll help my arthritic fingers a bit too. Anyone else using the “Align” grips?
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    bogey_vols reacted to Mr. 82 in Favorite book   
    I don't know if this violates the Morale Codes with regards to religion, but The Bible is my favorite book.  Granted, it's more than a book, and perhaps you were referring to a specific genre of book, not something as unique as The Bible.
    Honestly, the subject is too vague for me to answer.  Favorite fiction book?  Favorite non-fiction book?  Favorite biography?  Favorite historical fiction/non-fiction?
    Yeah, I can torpedo any thread, depending on my mood and day.  Sorry for the distraction.   😔
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    bogey_vols reacted to Kenny B in How'd you play?   
    And that's why the outings are getting smaller.
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    bogey_vols reacted to No3PuttLaLa in How'd you play?   
    I had a good day today! 47 41 for 88.
    Had my very first Eagle on hole #4. Tee shot with my F6 went about 312 yards dead straight. Had 143 left tot he pin and hit my PW laying up on the hill just short of the green and caught a good roll to about 12 feet from the hole. Ended up draining a beauty of a lag putt and proceeded to celebrate. Great Day! 🦅
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    bogey_vols reacted to SteddyGolf in How'd you play?   
    Royal Hawaiian shot 70. I've played 164 rounds of golf 🏌️ over the past three years. That's 2952 holes. My handicap is a 4.5 at the moment. Today I had my first Eagle 🦅 in more than 3000 holes of golf. Now you know why my screen name is Steddy.
    I drove up to the short 310 yard Par 4 slight dog leg right number 17. Scanning the lay of the land I took out driver and 3 wood. I hit the driver first. I middled the driver and watched as the ball seemed to stay in the air for ever. It hit well short of the green, rolled past the cup and settled to within 5 feet of the flag. I then grabbed the 3 wood. Taking a big swing on a full 54 year old shoulder turn I let go a fury seldom seen this side of the Pacific. Launching it high in the air the ball caught a gust of Kona winds riding them until it landed softly in a green side bunker. I walked away from the 17th with an eagle 🦅, a birdie and a big mouse ate the cheese smile.
    Next time out I'll shoot 88. Such is life. I'm either Tiger Woods or In the Woods. Not so Steddy after all
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    bogey_vols reacted to garethw in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    Somehow ended up buying a Ping G 400 Max 9* driver yesterday. Looking forward to my round with it this afternoon.
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    bogey_vols reacted to MattF in Weight Loss Thread   
    I DID IT!!!! Weighed myself about 20 minutes ago, 199.6lbs. I'm now under the 200 mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
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