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  1. This was what I was waiting for. Just signed up for a spot at Arundel Golf. Thanks for this post.
  2. It seems like you can't customize the D7 irons? D7 irons are not listed in: https://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/custom All their recent irons are listed except the D7. Can't order them with the desired lie angle?
  3. Ji Kim, MD, 16 I'll take what the fitting says. Doesn't matter my dream set if the fitting says something else is better for me. What a great contest.
  4. Wow...look at the selection! What's their pricing like? How long did your fitting take Matt?
  5. Any news on when it might be available for Droid?
  6. Oh man, that fitting done outdoors on grass looks so nice. I'm so jealous as well.
  7. I would like to get Titleist's answers to the same questions asked for Wilson and Callaway. The difference in their answers are sometimes more interesting than the answers themselves.
  8. What I found interesting were answer differences to the same questions by the Callaway and Wilson fitter. Especially the indoor vs outdoor question. I personally do not feel comfortable indoors and the next time I get fitted, I'm going where I can see ball flight immediately.
  9. I haven't tried the softer profile x-shafts yet so I'll give those a shot. Thanks for your input Nic! Edit: I just adjusted my grip on my driver so that the face is more open and its loft is higher. It was difficult to open the face and swing naturally due to the ribbed grip so I'll see how this fares. Getting on another LM tomorrow so I'll try to get numbers off of it as well.
  10. I tried MachSpeed black with grafalloy prolaunch platinum couple weeks ago at a demo day. Prolaunch was the better choice than Project X 6 during that demo day. On good hits, MachSpeed w/ Prolaunch got better distance than mine. Unfortunately, Prolaunch was not available during the fitting. I did prefer the Victory Tour head. MachSpeed has draw biased weighting in higher lofted heads and it produced as bad or worse hooks even when the face was opened 2 degrees. I tried and liked 13.5 Ping G15 with ust axivcore red or oban devotion 6. I plan on getting LM numbers for these in a fe
  11. Here are my numbers from a Nike fitting with a Foresight GC launch monitor: Note* - Foresight LM doesn't record swing speed. PowerBilt AFO2 12.5 / Motore F3 60 (45 inches): BallSpeed Launch BackSpin SideSpin Carry Distance Dispersion 142 4.5 3300 L416 194 222 L11 147 12.7 2000 L995 219 250 L44 155 12.7 2225 L1747 205 237 L67 149 8.1 2925 L655 223 251 L24 Avg: 148.25 9.5 2612.5 L962.375 210.25 240 L36.5 Victory Red Tour 11.
  12. Funny how the v-harness rep conveniently ignores this section of Matt's reply. He used the tool with PGA professionals and it didn't work for him. What more does the rep want? I just read a review of a golf aid at MGS where a pro takes the aid from the staff member and used it in his lessons. I think it was the momentus speed whoosh review. I think the v-harness rep just hurt his cause more than helped it.
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