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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Blue Hill, NY Turkey day :)
  3. Love the Odyssey putter myself.
  4. Yeti if you haven’t get out to AZ for golf. Whole other world there for golf. Awesome courses! I find early to mid October to be the best time. Right after reseeding.
  5. Ah Ok Tony’s Lefty Pic Of The Day:
  6. Today’s Lefty Pic: TPC Champions, AZ
  7. Today’s Lefty Pic: Quintero, AZ
  8. Today’s Lefty Pic: TPC Champions
  9. Yep and notice all the chunks by the drop lol. Way too many not making it over 1st shot smile.
  10. Today’s Lefty Pic: Ballyowen, NJ
  11. Accidentally paired up with Wayne Birch (caddy for Troy Merritt) when Northern Trust was around. It was right before it started and was playing the public course right across from Ridgewood. My foursome didn’t show so starter added me to his group. He was just playing local places while getting ready for the tournament and this was right next door. Both him and his buddies were all gracious enough to let me tag along. Really cool group and glad to watch them in action. All used 2 iron off the tee and punched it every time. Amazing to watch. Go ‘Draino’! Smile. https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/barbasol-championship-final-round?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=barbasol%20championship%20final%20round
  12. I just got back from Arizona trip a couple weeks ago and on way back I arrived 2 hours before flight, properly checked my bags in. Yet somehow my golf bag missed my plane. I’m waiting at the bag drop back home and once the conveyor belt stops I’m like what the F. Go in and sure enough it never made the flight. Now I’m thinking how is it possible my main checked bag made it but my golf bag didn’t. They had to have broken a club or something and trying to hide it. I fill out form and go home as next flight was 8 hours from then. Guy calls me with phone from 4 states away tell me he has my bag to deliver and wants to come now so I say ok. He pulls up to the house in non descriptive regular truck and out come my bag. Thank God everything was in it and nothing broken. Just strange it missed the plane but my other bag didn’t.
  13. Camelback Golf Club, Paradise Valley AZ
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