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  1. RainGolfer Portland Oregon Handicap: 18 irons Ben Hogan PTx, steel regular flex PING i500
  2. Warren - Oregon Ben Hogan Persimmons 1, 3, 5 Iron's Ben Hogan PTx 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Wedges- Ben Hogan 47, Bettriadi 52, 56, 60 Putter Louisville Slugger Persimmon Age 72, Handicap 18
  3. RainGolfer, Portland, OR Ping G 3 wood, Alta 65 Soft Regular 14.5 Degrees Ping G 5 wood, Alta 65 Soft Regular 17.5 Degrees
  4. I would love to have a shot at the Shot Scope V2. Presently i am just using eye sight and reference markers along the course but i am frequently wrong with my distances.
  5. I would love to win the Odyssey O-Works so i can compare it against my Louisville Slugger Persimmon wood putter.
  6. I am in need of a new Driver and a new Rouge would be perfect.
  7. Current Putter is a Louisville Slugger Persimmon Wood, maybe it is time to move up.
  8. I would love to visit the PING factory. Driver: PING G 3 Wood: PING G30 9 Wood: PING G400 2 Hybrid: Cobra F6 3 Hybrid: Cobra F6 7 Hybrid: Callaway: Big Bertha 7-9 Irons: PING BeCu Eyes 2 Wedges: 60, 56, 52, 48 Bettinardi Putter: Louisville Slugger: Persimmon wood
  9. having a great range finder would be a distinct advantage. Now i just guess or ask someone the distances which doesn't always work out in my favor.
  10. Warren - Pacific Northwest Current Wedges: Bettinardi 60, 56, 52, just limping along until i win the Equalizers. Short game needs help: I blade too my chips Irons: Ben Hogan PTx Handicap: 21
  11. Warren46 age 71 Inconsistent striking the ball. Can't get my hips synchronized with my torso. Long sticks need to go further
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