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  1. Wow!   This is a testing that I am extremely interested in!   If I could get a handful of extra yards while keeping the consistency of my current irons, that would be amazing!


    - Your first name - Chad

    - State/Province/Country - Minnesota, USA

    - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Mizuno MP-25 / True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT S300 / Stiff

    - Your 7-iron distance - 178

  2. It seems that this is the one test that can "break the wheel"..


    If a Snell my tour ball is further and lower spinning off the tee and has a higher spin rate around the green than a ProV1, who continues to buy ProV1?  


    not saying that it is.   I don't know, because that data doesn't exist.  not in a public forum, anyways.   

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