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  1. Lew Weatherspoon, Angier NC VKTR ES75 F3 Regular UiHi KS Tour 90 Regular Play 5 hybrid at present
  2. Lew Weatherspoon - Angier, NC Would like to be considered for being a tester. No unit at present but looking to put one in the bag after the weekend.
  3. Lew - North Carolina 70-16 Titleist 906d2 driver Titleist 906F 3W Ping 5H Rapture 22* Titleist 775CB irons 4-W Titleist 775CB GW 50* Hogan Sure ON SW 53* Cleveland 900 LW 58* Played Hogan Apex Blades for years when 2 handicapper Hope to try another set of Hogans.
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