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  2. I have made fewer purchases than normal so far this year not because of the economy but simply because I am quite happy with most of my clubs. I did purchase a new set of irons, went back to Mizuno and got a set of (MX-200) which I had custom fitted. The driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and hybrid all remain the same. I replaced my 60° wedge with a CG 15, the grooves were worn out on the previous model. Having said that, my urge to ho is always there, a new driver is a possibility but will have to demo beforehand, right now there are too many options in my head as to which would be a suitable replacement for my R7 Limited.
  3. Hi to everyone. My name is Ian and have only 1 hobby . . . golf. I am looking forward to this new forum, there are several others which I frequent but it is my belief there is always room for another!! I spend quite a lot of my time on a local Toronto golf forum where I am a moderator, I want to wish you all best wishes for a successful start and sustained growth.
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