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  1. Rory, British Columbia Footjoy pants & jacket Worst rain I played in was at Pacific Dunes in heavy rain with gusting winds, but to play in Vancouver in the fall & winter you know 50% of the days could be rain
  2. Rory - British Columbia Right hand except left-handed putter Driver - Miura Series 1957 KM390 Tour 10.5 Shaft - Quadra Pro Spec Stiff 3-Wood - Miura Precious Edition 15d, shaft Claymore stiff Hybrids - Miura Precious Edition 17 & 20 shaft Aerotech stiff Irons - Miura Genesis Passing Point 5 - P shaft Aerotech SteelFiber-i95R Wedges - Miura passing point 48 shaft Aerotech Steelfiber-i95R Miura forged 54 shaft KBS high rev. Miura forged 60 shaft KBS high rev All grips with 3 extra wraps Putter - Miura Series 1957 KM - 006LH (Left hand) with Super Stroke 2.0 grip Handicap - 10 Goal - to achieve a single digit cap and be competitive in the senior club which I officially became a member of this year I am 67 yrs and practice &/or play 6 days a week
  3. I would really like help creating a good short game inside 70 yards. I know that the inconsistency of this part of my game is keeping me a 9-10 handicap. Thx
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