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  1. Mark Redlands, Ca. Hogan G-53 15 index 90 MPH TSi3
  2. Just saw ad for these new putter grips How can they be legal? Years ago they had Sam Snead grips with a flat spot that were not legal....seems these new putter grips that have a bulge at the top to help lock the wrist in place....I can see them as a practice grip but not something the OLD MEN"S clubs are going to stand for.....it is hard enough to get them to allow us to leave the flag stick in when we putt.
  3. BestGuess


    Just came back from my local Costco....Vice 3 piece urethane balls, 2 dozen $29.95 a pallet of them right next to a pallet of the Kirkland 3 piece urethane balls at 2 dozen for $24.95/////same manufacture???? maybe same ball?????
  4. Mark California 16 Hogan Edge irons 7 iron 145 carry
  5. over 70, play white tees with a 14 plus index......very happy with my clubs, after 25+years with Ping (and a few months with Mazuno) this year I went with the Hogan Edge Irons and must say quite different then the game improvement Pings. Just love the feel of the forged iron and find just the right about of help (forgiveness if you will) with them...just 5 through PW...what saved my game for now was tossing out the hybrids and adding in a stack of fairway woods, a 9, 7, 5, and a 3....fought a hook with every hybrid I ever had which included several brands... also going to a regular shaft flex
  6. .Was a super fan of one of the last Maxfli ball made in the Dunlap plant in South Caroline (now Taylormade ) the C-3 fantastic urethane ball. So when Dicks brought back the Maxfli name I have tried most of their offerings hoping to find one that played up to the Maxfli C-3..so far no luck, maybe this new one can come close....I remember many years ago Wilson had the TRUE golf ball that was suppose to be balanced...I bought 6 dozen for $5. a dozen when that one failed.
  7. Conforming or not I had a dozen of the Korean made Kirkland's left in the closet..the covers cracked (I know it was over 100 degrees) was amazed I never had that problem with them before.. guess they did not age well....anyway I see the new 4 piece is a different ball made in China...I would bet it is very close to or exactly like other on line ball companies are selling. Safe to say it is NOT the Taylormade type ball the original Kirkland 4 piece was. Will see I got my order in before they ran out again...It is a wonder with a 2 24 pack limit they ran out so fast....Ebay sellers seem to h
  8. Two months ago I switched form a Rouge to the new Ben Hogan driver as I needed to find more fairways. The Rouge was longer if you hit dead center by at least 10 yards or more. But dead center was my driving range drive...I also wanted to switch to a regular shaft which when I tried three different ones in the Rouge did not work for me...I was happy to give up some yardage with the Hogan driver but it works very well with a regular shaft for finding a place you can hit a second shot from.
  9. First I did change my irons to regular shafts and felt "strong again".....then all my fairways last year to regular (actually gained distance with 3 and 5 wood). This year it was time to change driver shaft, first I bought a regular shaft for my Rouge, that did not work at all as I could not get center hits enough....I now have a Ben Hogan new driver with a regular "Hazard Smoke" shaft and it is working just fine...will tell you it is clearly 10 to 15 yards shorter then the Rouge but only when the Rouge was hit in the center.
  10. Daly makes 4 eagles in 1st round and shots 77 this week before, wait for it, withdrawing....
  11. Have played Hogan Edge irons (replacing Ping G-30) about 12 rounds now....excellent. Feel is amazing and i can move the ball so much better with these, draw needs work as I am hooking some which NEVER happened with my Pings.....Would recommend anyone not wanting to go with the super higher priced forged clubs give Hogans a try. I also have their driver which took a few rounds to get used to, but it is working fine for me also, much more forgiving then the Callaway Rouge I replaced.
  12. I went from the G 30 pings to the Hogan Edge irons, very very happy...distance is the same, feel way different with the forged irons...so far I am very happy with the smaller head and less off set...Had them make mine standard length and one degree flat..which came perfect for me at 5'9"....they have a try before you buy program you should try, only $20 to try 2 irons....worth every penny....I had a friend who did that program and I hit them with him at the range and bought the next week.....One difference I made was I had them built with the old stand by True Temper shafts which are a little
  13. anyone have trouble with Ben Hogan E commerce club company? I am not happy with their customer service at all....so slow to take care of problems...anyone else find same?
  14. Just played a new set, 5 - PW, of Hogan Edge irons with true temper regular 300 shafts....replaced Ping G-30 irons...will give Hogan Edge Irons an "A"...same distance, love the feel, love the smaller head. Also dumped my Callaway Rouge for a new Hogan Driver...very pleased with the Hogan as it is a bit shorter but finds the fairway better for me......Will admit nothing feels as good as a center hit with the Rouge but I just cannot make center contact as much these days and the Hogan is just more forgiving...
  15. Anyone else having trouble with Golf Pass by Golf Now??? Today I called with a question at 1;30 PST and they had a recording saying they were closed?? Trouble getting promos on time and not getting any answers???
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