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  1. Not the best thing Golf Now has done, spent the $199 and still are wondering why....included $250 in free golf, fine print , $21 dollars off a hot tee time after 12 noon, my area constantly shows not more then 3 or 4 hot deals after noon. Been a member 2 months now have only received one $21 off promo so far....can not email them only phone them and they go home before I get home in the afternoon on west coast. Golf now has continued to become less player friendly year after year...someone tell me it is worth $199 a year now.....
  2. Yes a lot of sandbagging in the handicap space, the GHIN is basically a joke for the over 15 handicapper who shots one low score every 10, 15 rounds and gets his handicap cut because he has the "Potential" to be a 14, when in truth he is a 17 90% of the time. Women are really taken advantage of with the GHIN , over 50 ladies for sure...they shoot 95 to 110 95% of the time then play a course set up with short par 3's and short par 5's and they shoot 88....and loose 2 to 3 points off their handicap for 3 or 4 months....my wife got two hole in ones in one round on a women friendly course and went from a 19.9 handicap to a 14.7 because of one lucky round...took 4 months to get her handicap back to a correct number.
  3. After his rant about golf balls going to far and drivers being to forgiving....I was a fan but now I will die knowing he was nothing more then after the dollar...two faced to say the least....just like Jack, ball goes to far, but do you want to buy some of my Golden Bear golf balls fit for your swing speed????????????????????????????
  4. Totally happy with Callaway Rouge...moved over from my Talyormade R15 and gained more ability to work the ball high and low...and love the more solid feel..
  5. Just played today with a gentlemen with a whole bag of new clubs......He said he spent 4 and half hours getting fit at Club Champions and bought every club...near $5,000 when he finished....Callaway Driver 3 wood (new Flash) 5 wood Rouge...3 hybrid (Flash) 5 - PW New Callaway 3 Volky wedges and even a new Cameron Putter, guess I will wait for that dream 4 and half hours.....
  6. Callaway, Ping, Taylormade...they sell direct with the SAME price you pay at Golf Stores...they are making extra money off you as they do not have to sell that club to the Golf Store at 20 to 35% less then you pay them.....Now Hogan is direct as no Golf Stores carry their product....so who know what their retail price would really be.....what is a joke is all these OEMs control the prices in all the big golf retailers.....that is why that new Callaway, Taylormade driver is $549 in every store....years ago the government stopped this kind of fair trade merchandising, but using a small worm hole in the law all these companies control product retail prices because of the Patents on their products
  7. Yes it is $21 dollars off on a Hot Deal after 12 noon Monday thru Thursday RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF...in my area there are almost NO Hot Deals after 12 noon, but a bunch between 11 and 11:52...also when they have deals like this week 15% off now and $15 dollars off later they are putting that $15 off crowed in with all the Plus members for after 12 noon HOT DEALS...THE ONLY GOOD THING NOW IS YOU HAVE TO PAY the $199 to get the reservation fee waved and you can cancel tee times (I did notice a note that Hot Deals were not cancel able but am checking to make sure that does not include Plus members, if it does the deal is absolutely a RIP OFF.
  8. I think it is time the Champions tour reverts back to when it was the Senior Tour and more first timers had a chance to qualify....every week about 70 or so X-PGA players are out there making fools of themselves shooting in the 80's (are you listening John Daly) I think it would make more sense to have a few Qualifiers each week that are really out there to win. Yes I know it is all about trying to get people out paying to watch and the players are about half there because they were once a someone on tour...I guess the tour understands if senior Qualifier wins or gets up to the top it will make the names look bad, they are already doing that themselves....as my friend just said imagine how bad it would be for the tour if Sunday afternoon on TV you had Langer, Sing and Joe Nobody in the final group and Nobody won.....
  9. Let me refrain, I just checked two weeks out on hot deals in my area....not more then 3 each day after 12....Golf Channel is really gone overboard to sell a worthless $199 Golf Pass...they have been getting worse every year with deals, now it is getting clear they are making money TEE OFF maybe a better deal now...I am stuck for another year as I have built up a lot of the $10 discounts to use of course they have so many restrictions on deals now I may end up just loosing them anyway...And on top of the big deal they let you watch worthless training tips from a dozen or more instructors which if you watch enough of them you find out everyone of them has a better and different way to do everything.....and bottom line they all want to sell you their lesson plans which is the real reason they are on their anyway....
  10. Just renewed Golf Pass for another year but are little shocked at how bad the deal has become...$199 no tee time fees OK, Free cancellation OK....Free round of golf once a month PHONY DEAL..must play Monday thru Thursday after 12 noon and $21 max value...well in the last two weeks there have been no more the 4 or 5 hot deals after 12 in my area and two of them are short courses that hot deal at less then $15 after noon anyway???? In fact looking at the hot deals in my area next week over half of them are in the 10:00 to 11:52 time frame. NICE Hot deals at 11:52 meaning you cannot use your promo code...any other plus or minus to Golf Pass you can relate....
  11. Mark Callaway Rouge 15 Handicap driver swing speed 90 would like to try Epic if for nothing else then the movable weight..
  12. What do you think of the $199 a year Golf Pass (Golf now) the green fee deals have gone up every year on their hot deals and seems like they hold out with rules to use all the specials they offer...like the new one time use $max 21 dollars deal once a month but only for hot times after 12??.....been using Golf now from the beginning and have watched all the advantages slowly BUT steadily become more and more a money grab for them....talked with a couple course managers and they do not care for them at all....but golf management companies seem to be in a no win situation to use them??? A great deal at one time, but now they have found a way to make them selves more money.....
  13. Always trying Ping -G-30's Just took out 3 iron and added a Golf Works 7 wood...WHAT A DIFFERENCE...
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