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  1. Hey everyone my family tries to plan a vacation every summer and I’m in here looking for suggestions. My dad and I play a ton and are looking for somewhere along the East coast of the US to play. The only real requirements is that it is in a coastal town outside of NY (already from NY and have been to Long Island hundreds of times). I’ve been looking around at Kiawah and Hilton Head in SC but am completely open to other suggestions. Thanks EDIT - my brother and I are each in our 20s so not looking at “kid” oriented places
  2. Hey everyone I keep coming across posts about Anthony Kim on Instagram because it’s his birthday I guess. Before a hour ago I never had even heard the name and have been trying to look up info about him. From my understanding he was a well liked golfer in the late 2000s but somehow got injured and had some strange insurance placed on him. My understanding is that this insurance would pay him if he were unfit to play thus not pursuing him to return to the tour. Am I correct with this understanding?
  3. Up for sale is three items: mizuno MP 60 set, Scotty Cameron red X, signed Arnold Palmer putter. Please let me know if there are any more pictures or info that you would like. All pictures are located at the bottom. 1. MP 60 Iron Set - $150 OBO 4 to PW Standard length, standard loft, 1-2* upright Shafts are presumably S300s but am unsure seeing as the labels are all worn down Grips are standard golf pride multi compounds in red My dad played them for years but has switched to 718 AP2s 2. Scotty Cameron Red X - $150 OBO Head Weight - 350g Length - 33in Grip - Superstroke Slim 3.0 Red and White Head Cover -Scotty Cameron Milled Putters Bought off a friend years ago but have only used for maybe 3 rounds in total. Never was able to get used to a mallet. 3. Arnold Palmer Signed “The One” Putter - $750 OBO New in the box still in the plastic Signature right on the grip Includes the signed putter, the headcover, and the box A family member played with the late Mr. Palmer a while ago and picked this up at the time. Since then this has just been collecting dust in the basement.
  4. I might take a look once the new Titlesit clubs that were just announced hit the stores. I have a question about spin and decent angle/peak height. I would assume spin is determined by the grooves on the clubs as well as the loft of the club head and then the decent angle/height is determined by the shaft flex profile as well as club head loft (this is assuming identical contact on each hit). Is this assumption correct?
  5. To be honest I have only been using it for a week but the putting pill has been helping me out greatly in terms of stroke path. I was always confident in reading greens but have never had a consistent stoke or distance control. It has earned its spot in my little bag of tees, miscellaneous ball markers, and divot tools. It is a simple tools with no frills and takes up barely any space in your golf bag. The only con I have found so far is that it is a little annoying to setup on the green properly but it doesn't bother me too much anymore. Besides just suggesting a training aid in general I would say to find a carpet in your house on a flat surface and roll some putts on that while you're just watching TV or what not. Also what has helped me out recently has been to relax on the greens and not get too technical with the way I try and read greens. I take a look from the low side to determine the direction of break and then just go off of feel and not get too crazy with guessing how many cups/balls out to a side or what not. It doesn't matter if you have the nicest stroke in the world if you still can't read a green you will still have 40+ putts a round. MyGolfSpy Review - CLICK HERE Amazon Purchase - CLICK HERE
  6. Hey everyone I have been taking the game seriously this year trying to drop my handicap down as low as I can trying to break into single figures. I currently use a blended set of 714 Ap1s and Ap2s with stock R300 shafts. I currently hit the irons quite well but have zero stopping power coming into greens which I'm not too sure is due to a lack of decent angle or spin. Long story short I just want to get fit for new irons but am worried I am not consistent enough with my swing to where I will be fit properly. Each week I am changing my swing step by step making massive changes in the past month or so. My question is if it makes sense to be fit for irons in the middle of swing changes or get to a point in which I am contempt with my swing (if that ever happens for anyone) and then be fitted? The only numbers I really know in terms of fitting is that I am swinging a driver in roughly the 110mph range so I would guess I should be moving into stiffer and heavier shafts but am unsure what else will change due to that. I'm sorry that I am all over the place with this post am just worried of purchasing a new set of irons and then have them not fit my swing in the not too distant future.
  7. As others have said the word "good" is relative and will change from person to person. In my opinion a player is based on their handicaps and breakdown as such: 20+ - golfer 19 to 15 - ok golfer 14 to 10 - decent golfer 9 to 5 - great golfer 4 to 2 - amazing golfer 1 to X+ - "best golfer around" Personally I picked up the game three years ago after caddying a couple of years and started playing with some friends when the course was closed to members. Last year I decided to keep score occasionally to eventually establish a handicap which at the end of the year was around a 20 index. Upon college graduation this May I wanted to see how low I could get the handicap before started full time work so I started to really take my rounds serious. My goal is to try and get to single figures before the end of the summer. Going back to your question I still only recently started to feel "good" on the course when I broke down one of my rounds shot by shot and figured out where the high scores were coming from. 1. I noticed I was losing a bunch of balls by trying to use driver too much or over swinging with my 3 wood (the course I play is 6400 yards tipped out so it's not too long so no need to use driver really) causing me to either go out of bounds or into deep rough. Use the longest club you can for the given hole that you are confident you can keep in the fairway. 2. A lot of times I set up my approach shot aimed at a pin and not the center of the green. I now just aim middle of the green no matter how far out I am. I would land the ball pin high then roll off the green no matter what club I was using. Now I take a little less club and have it roll up to the flag and not just always try to land it flag high. 3. Every time I stood on the tee I had 9,000,000 swing thoughts in my head from watching too many Youtube swing coaches. This would just make me nervous and doubt my swing. I would try and make too many swing changes at once rather than tweaking small parts each time I practiced or played. 4. Have fun it's a GAME ... play with some friends, throw on some music, and relax you're out here to have fun not to be stressed out for four hours. After watching a bunch of Erik Anders Lang videos I always noticed how laid back and relaxed he was on the course and that is how I try and approach golf now. TLDR - I only recently felt "good" on the course after breaking down my rounds and figuring out where the high scores were coming from. In short it came from being too aggressive and taking the game too seriously stressing me out.
  8. Looks like you got a couple of putters on rotation there
  9. It's the only one I can hit but can still put it down the fairway about 230 yards. I'll post some pics later on this weekend when I play again.
  10. Noah / Westchester, NY Currently use a Bushnell V2 (non-slope) which I purchased second-hand off of craigslist a couple years back to help me out caddying. Currently I am running into some issues though with the lack of slope functionality seeing as the course I caddy and play at has eight holes with +/- 15 yards of incline or decline. I use the rangefinder a ton for any shot between 90 and 230 yards. I run through batteries with the rangefinder using it for about 8 rounds a week (4 caddying and about another 4 playing). I have actually been looking around at the other sloped options for rangefinders the past couple of weeks but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Hopefully a sloped rangefinder can help me drop my index into the single figures by the end of the year (started at a 20 index, down to 13.1, hoping to go into single figures).
  11. The pictures aren't working for me.
  12. I started playing a few years ago purchasing all these clubs last year. So far this season I've been able to drop my handicap down from a 20 to a 13.1 index. Here is the current bag setup: Driver: Titleist 913 D2 - 9.5* - 65g stiff - hand me down from a guy I caddy for regularly although I never use it and only hit the 3 wood off the tee Fairway Wood: Taylormade V Steel - 15* - stiff - hand me down from my dad Hybrid: Titleist 816 H1 - 21* - eBay Irons: Titleist 714 AP1 4-6, AP2 7-PW - DG r300 - bought off eBay two years ago for like $300 Wedges: Titleist Vokey Sm7 - 50*, 54*, 58* - purchased all new Putter: Odyssey White Hot #7 Grips: All Standard MCC+4 with a build up on the lower hand to eliminate the taper. Putter has a red white and blue Pistol 1.0 grip on it Alternate Clubs: Titleist 816 H1 17* and 716 TM-B 3 Iron both from eBay Range Finder: Bushnell V2 (non-slope) - $30 on Craigslist couple years back Bag: Sun Mountain Caddy Bag - $40 on eBay Ball: anything I find on the course. I’ve never bought a brand new ball but might have to start buying balls to have some consistency in that regard. My biggest issues with my setup ATM are the fact that my driver has a two way miss which I can't control so I just don't bother to use it seeing as my 3 wood can keep me in the fairway. Some time next season I'll end up getting properly fit for both a driver and new set of irons. My irons I can hit fairly consistently but can't spin them at all so holding greens from outside 150 yards is getting pretty hard if I attack a pin.
  13. For sale is a new in the box "The Palmer Original Putter" which includes the putter which is signed on the grip, the head cover, and the box which are original and in perfect shape. This is the absolute perfect item to be displayed in any man cave. I am asking $1000 OBO. For inquiries please message me on this platform or email me at - nt.dinaso@yahoo.com. Photos (click here) Photos Backup - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jy01iIRyMcLJ1mc4HaUhQOp4JBEZO9xy
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