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  1. Fitters. Choose very carefully and don’t expect significant if any changes in your scoring. Companies like Club Champion who claim you’ll “lower your scores instantly” are mostly false, and their guarantee is a waste of time too. I’ve had a couple free fittings, and 5 paid fittings. 2 of the fitters, 1 Club Champion and 1 Titleist were used car salesman, a waste of time and money. Of the other 3, 2 were decent (Titleist & Mizuno) and 1 was outstanding (True Spec). I am sure there are some great fitters at Club Champion, but there are some/many just following a script with no real insights into what makes a fitting worth it. Their recommendation might be no better than throwing darts…
  2. A perennial but appropriate topic for those who play golf. I used to lose 2-3 balls per round, my record was 5 in a single round and I almost never had a round without losing at least 1. Over the past few years I’ve slowed down my swing for accuracy, and now I probably average 1 lost ball per round, worst I can remember is 3, and I finish with the ball I started with about every 3 or 4 rounds. I made it about 60 holes before losing a ball once a few months back. I’ve actually tossed balls because the look worn, never used to do that.
  3. Still buying and playing Maxfli Tour and Titleist ProV1 about 3:1. I played Snell MTBs exclusively for years but got out of the habit when Covid killed supply and prices went up.
  4. The least he could do after they paid him millions all those years...
  5. I play Maxfli Tour's. My first (selfish) thought was 'will this make Maxfli Tour's more expensive' adding endorsement money? If it does, I'll probably move on to another ball...
  6. That’s ever changing for me, but at the moment my favorite piece of golf gear is this ball marker https://shop.pinehurst.com/1895-coin-ball-marker-p2382.aspx. That’s a real 1895 Indian Head Penny in the middle.
  7. I started young and focused on improving and tournament competition for about 10 years, my lowest HI was in high school, and I’ll never match that again. I don’t have an interest in spending the time and effort to match those days. I guess I’ve moved past pure competitive golf to social competitive golf? TBH the latter is more fun to me than pure competitive golf. Since then I have enjoyed golf for three reasons - the golf itself, just being active/outdoors, and the camaraderie. I try my best every round (still play in leagues and occasional tournaments) but I stopped getting better many years ago, with good days and bad days. But even when I’m not playing well, I enjoy it all the same. I had the best round of my life (59 years playing) in June, but I didn’t enjoy that day more or less than any other. Maybe not what you’re getting at but if I ever reach the point again that my enjoyment hinges on how I play above all else, I am sure I will lose interest in golf as an pastime…
  8. Fair enough, I meant more often than not. I haven't seen one that wasn't convenient to food, bathrooms, etc. but I am sure they do exist.
  9. Nope, but I sure know a lot of guys who believe that. If they try a new course and play poorly, it’s forever a bad course to them thereafter. Two bad rounds and ‘they’re never going back.’ Some courses are harder than others, but yardage, slope and course rating show that. Or if you slice everything and a course is all doglegs left and hazards right, you’re probably going to have a tough day - that’s not a bad course.
  10. I have one “in storage” at the moment and that’s uncharacteristic for me. I don’t buy new putters often or without careful due diligence, so I’ve always sold/traded/given away the old one when I buy new to remove the temptation to go back. I was taught to believe any problems I may have lie with me, not my equipment, so I work through it. And I haven’t regretted it yet in 59 years playing…
  11. It doesn’t really matter in a friendly game as long as everyone plays by the same “rules.” But I’m sure someone will disagree. Same argument improving lies/winter rules, never ends.
  12. The senior league I play in strictly follows within the leather to speed up play, it's even described in detail in the (one page) rules. That usually seems to be the norm outside of league among my golf cohorts. Once in a while a friendly game organizer will stipulate putt out everything, and of course we all do in tournaments. I would never agree to giving 6 footers, but YMMV.
  13. I didn't go the lengths the OP did, but I did practice quite a bit with 1/4 and 1/2 swings with my LW, GW and 9i, noting distance for each - and it has helped my accuracy. Of course I have to make sure I keep my tempo the same as you can hit a 1/2 swing quite a range of distances if you swing easy vs hard. I can't use my SW to chip/pitch because it has too much bounce for tight lies (by my design). The more I practice, the more consistent I get... For years I relied on putting from off the green with a 6i or 7i to chip, and although I got pretty good at it, when you're short sided or dealing with a bunker that doesn't work. Getting accustomed to more loft, like I describe above, has been much more useful over the range of circumstances we all face.
  14. Relax Skippy. We all post as we see fit, that’s how forums work…
  15. You left a lot unsaid, and I expanded on it, any problem with that? Many reading this thread aren’t familiar with EVs, and saying “Planning trips in the Tesla is a breeze. Charging stops are usually 10-15 minutes, about the same amount of time it would take me to fill up the ICE and visit the restroom.” - deserves a little qualification. That’s a best case charging scenario, and while possible you’d be making more 10-15 minute stops with an EV than an ICE. Long road trips in EVs will take a little longer, but it’s not as bad as many ICE owners think. That’s all I was getting at.
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