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  1. ^^ That's probably the best resource to make your decision. I have the BagBoy Triswivel II and highly recommend it. I wasn't sure what to make of the swiveling front wheel, but now that I've used one for several years - it's great. I would think a 4 wheeler would be less maneuverable, but someone else might chime in. I know lots of people with Clicgear carts, and they're solid high quality too, worth the premium cost. I don't know anything about Rovic, but MGS has never steered me wrong - never. Carts are worth what you pay for them IME, I wouldn't go cheap if you intend to use it often.
  2. There are already “48 official PGA tour events a year.” So two or three wouldn’t begin to make up the lost ad revenue, it would take 16 new events - which would make an impossible 64 54-hole tournaments a year. Furthermore they’d have to cut the purse on most if not all tournaments, they’re not going to add 16 new tournament purses on top of the existing 48. So you’d degrade the field in the process, the marquee players aren’t going to show up more often to your proposed “dentless” solution. Why would the PGA weaken fields, lose revenue and emulate LIV?
  3. If you cut playing time by 25%, how are you making up ad revenue? Of course it’s ultimately about revenue, broadcasters and sponsors aren’t charities.
  4. How does that not cut ad revenue by 25%? They can't just raise $/min as viewers can only watch 75% of the former 72 holes.
  5. I take an extra club all winter, sometimes even two extra. But then it gets colder more often in NC vs AZ or CA.
  6. I never would have believed it but at my home course: They started with 3 - blue (“pro”), white (men) and red (women). Then they went to 4 long ago - blue (“pro”), white (men), gold (senior men) and red (women). Then they went to 5 quite a while ago - blue (“pro”), white (men), white/gold hybrid, gold (senior men) and red (women). Then they went to 6 a few years ago - blue (“pro”), white (men), white/gold hybrid, gold (senior men), red (women) and green (super senior men, senior women, juniors). And recently they went to 7 - blue (“pro”), white (men), white/gold hybrid, gold (senior men), gold/red hybrid (for senior men who’s ego won’t let them play reds), red (women) and green (super senior men, senior women, juniors). The scorecard looks busy, but they’re just trying to (over IMO) accommodate members. I do think adding hybrids makes a lot more sense than adding complete new sets of tees, or changing to numbered tees.
  7. These gold ones aren’t easy to find either, especially with Fall leaves right now.
  8. It’s very easy to see what tees to pull up to when there are colors. And having generally universal colors makes it easy to choose when playing away courses. Obviously numbered markers could be made so they’re also easy to see from a distance, but most if not all courses already have colored tee markers that most players are fine with, so I can see why courses don’t want to repaint or buy new to soothe some old male egos…especially since seniors get a good discount on greens fees most places.
  9. Seriously? Like no one would know which tees are designated for women? And we should change generational norms to protect the male ego (old guys)? If you’re so insecure it bothers you to play the women’s red tees, you deserve to struggle off the whites. I’m sure guys who play the tips chide friends who play the blues/whites, but I don’t see them whining here. I wonder what women think of men giving men another tee, so men have 3-5 tees to choose from and women none? The distances will be exactly as they are, but we need to change the designation and/or color because some old guys can’t cope? I’ve seen courses with men’s black, blue, white, (senior) gold, (women’s) red and (senior women, super senior men, juniors) green. Like others have said, when the day comes that I have to play the women’s red tees (to have a chance to reach in regulation), I couldn’t care less what others say. I’m still out there playing, beats being on the couch…
  10. +1. The senior league I played in before I moved did something very similar. Any player 60 or under played whites (5843 yds), those 61-69 played golds (5642 yds), and 70 and over played reds (5168 yds). But if your handicap on those tees was above X (I can't remember what the number was), you were automatically moved up to the next shorter tees for the season. It really worked pretty well. And it was better for pairings too, players foursomes were kept together by tees as much as possible.
  11. Thank goodness, I don't have to debate loft jacking for the umpteenth time...
  12. Hilarious, the “problem” is assigning gender to red tees, as has been done for generations, and not the “male ego?” Where I play the red tees show WOMEN'S on the scorecard, with only Women's rating and slope shown. We can all play whatever tees we choose but that doesn’t change the fact that red tees are typically for women. If old men want to kid themselves and call the reds “forward tees” they’re welcome to their vanity. I’m 68 yo BTW.
  13. Where I am the clubs senior league plays the red tees. Many of us don’t want to play from the ladies tees, so on our own we play gold tees. Fortunately my home course has white/gold hybrid tees and gold/red hybrid tees on the card and in GHIN, so everyone gets to play what they want. My Monday group (typically 16) includes some who play gold, and others who choose gold/red, and the foursomes are chosen to keep each together - seems to make everyone happy. Try that? You could also develop your own hybrid tees, it’s easy to manually calculate GHIN ratings and slopes. There’s a local course we play that we’ve developed our own hybrids (we play reds on the 8 hardest holes, and whites all others) because whites are just too long and reds are just too short.
  14. I don't believe any of the Hot Metal irons have ever been forged. Mizuno doesn't make it easy to confirm they are cast, but I would think their ad copy would be highlighting "forged" if that were the case. And they could not be charging less for HMs if they were forged. I can find lots of solid online sources (just two below including MGS) who note Hot Metals are cast. And Mizuno's ad copy mentions "One Piece Nickel Chromoly" construction for al the His, there's no way you could forge the HM geometry, has to be cast. https://mygolfspy.com/mizuno-jpx-923-hot-metal-iron-family-standard-pro-hl/ https://www.todays-golfer.com/equipment/golf-clubs/irons/mizuno/jpx/mizuno-jpx923-hot-metal-irons/#:~:text=All three models are cast%2C not forged like,and carry distance at moderate speed. Mizuno say%3A
  15. I've sold 108 items on eBay going back to 2009, clearing almost $9000 - back then it was mostly amateurs buying and selling through auctions, fees were much lower, and eBay treated buyers and sellers well. Since then it's dominated by pros with fixed prices, fees have almost tripled, and eBay has become more intrusive and treats sellers like dirt. So I don't sell or buy there anymore... And I was one of those sellers who refused to ship internationally, there are some countries who don't provide tracking and it would be impossible to recover from a scammer. Buyers used to respect that, now there are foreign pros who buy and have items shipped to a middle person with a US address, and they forward to the foreign country. No thanks.
  16. The difference going from steel to graphite iron shafts was substantial for me, and I did not change heads or shaft weight, so it was definitely the graphite. Made a dramatic difference in eliminating shoulder, elbow and wrist joint pain after rounds.
  17. I answered earlier, but it has to be nearly 40ºF when I start, and close to 50ºF or more during the round for me to play usually. But add high winds and it would have to be warmer. And if it rains I won't play no matter what temp. e.g. I am playing tomorrow and the forecast is 39ºF when we tee off with a high of 52ºF, light winds no rain. My home course does "frost delays" if temps are anywhere near freezing - I notice some above played in lower temps, not an option where I am.
  18. I’m a Chicago refugee as well, 26 winters there (plus 10 near Columbus OH and 4 in W Lafayette IN) was all I could stand. Now I play golf year round…
  19. I won’t play unless the high is in/near the 50’s and we start in at least the high 30’s. But if it’s also windy and/or raining I’m out. I usually walk when it’s cold, keeps me warmer and my home course is (riding) cart path only most of the winter which is a PITA. I just rely on layers on top to adjust during the round, usually a long sleeve polo, a fleece vest, and fleece or rain jacket if needed. I’ll put my rain pants over pants if needed. I’ll wear a knit cap if needed. I have winter golf gloves for hands. And if all else fails, I can just drop out after four or nine, but haven’t had to do that yet.
  20. It's very unusual for me to get an entire round out of a single ball. I did have one that went 31 holes last year, and just lost one last week that went over 36 holes - but again that's highly unusual. I usually lose 1-3 balls a round... In my defense, my home course has knee to waist high rough (second cut) in quite a few places, and fall leaves aren't helping right now. It's very rare for me to wear out a ball. I have lost a couple that literally had one stroke, into the woods off the first tee...
  21. There are 2-3 willfully ignorant posters devoted to this thread. That and the fact I’m not interested in LIV makes it easy to ignore. I don’t read/follow this thread often, I only check in occasionally to see if anything significant happens - OWGR, majors, sponsorships, TV, etc. The rest is unfounded speculation and noise… ”Never argue with a fool; viewers may not notice the difference.”
  22. A good friend of mine was part of an F1 team years ago, and was crew at Monaco many times - including the winning team in 1977. He said they all love to go to Monaco, and it’s a prestigious win, but qualifying is everything - it’s mostly a parade after that unless accidents, breakdowns, and/or gross driver error. And we all know that from watching the race, passing is beyond difficult more than any other race - which doesn’t make for watching.
  23. You tried search and didn’t find it? I found it without really trying. What Greg said in Feb, and yet every defector was/is still suspended from the PGA. He was full of sh__ until proven otherwise. https://golf.com/news/greg-norman-pga-tour-ban-players-response/
  24. Good advice IMO. You can’t go wrong with Mizuno, Ping or Titleist irons if they suit you…
  25. Really sad what’s happened to Snell since pandemic and persisting to this day. Just looked at buying some MTB Blacks, sold out again. MTB-X is rationed at 2 dozen per customer. I played nothing but MTBB’s for years, but I couldn’t go back if I wanted to…
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